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    Ship - 112 on the royal starship.

    Figure - 30 on a death star trooper.

    Beast - 55 on a Fambaa.

    Don't know how that converts to dollars. Math aint my strongest point...

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    On a single SW Item? It must be the 12" Speeder Bike & Biker Scout. It made me poorer by S$200 (ie US$1 = S$1.8).

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    Most spent:

    Figure: Jar Jar Binks - Naboo swamp AU$30 (US$13-15)

    Vechicle: Skiff AU$70 ( US$35-40)
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    Non-retail? $60 for the Eopie/Qui-Gon..........Retail, the AT-AT when it was new for $80..........

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    $150 on a PERFECT Blue Snaggletooth.

    $35 for buff Lando, Bel-Cam? Good lord.....
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    The most I have spent were on ships and vehicles.80.00 on the AT-AT,40.00 on the B-wing.The most for a figure is 17.00 for a Mara Jade.
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    $35 for buff Lando, Bel-Cam? Good lord.....
    Magnolia-Fan, I said it hurts, still to this day. He was my first and last panic situation. I fell for the "Well, you may not find him again" line. Never again. Never.
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    Come to think of it, I spent $20 on monkey Leia right before the market was flooded with her.

    Maybe I could set her up with your Lando, and they could go open a gym with all the money we've given them...
    All your base are belong to us!

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    Purchases I'm most ashamed of?

    $20 for a POTF2 Boba Fett and X-Wing Luke when they were first released.

    $30 for a POTF2 Speeder Bike because the shop owner told me it was recalled.

    $25 for Anakin Mechanic from Brian's Toys.
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    Originally posted by evenflow
    I thought about it. I spent 150.00 on my carded Yakface years ago.
    Sweet lord evenflow, I hope you mean 150 pesos or some other extremely devalued currency and not $.

    The most I ever spent on a single figure was $25 for the FF TIE pilot about 1.5 years ago. I even got the FF Weequay cheaper, but it was the tri-logo version.

    The most I ever spent on a single SW item was the $40 B-Wing which I am seriously thinking about returning because it's definitely not worth the price.
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