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    Whats The Most $$$ You've Spent???

    I'm sure many people on this message board have spent alot of $$$ to get a certain figure that you couldn't get from a shop or other place.

    Whats the most money you have spent on a single figure to obtain it and which figure???

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    I paid $20 for Admiral Motti . . . wish I hadn't !

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    top dollar

    The three most expensive pieces in my collection by category are:

    Ship- Collector Fleet Super Star Destroyer $80 (but it was Birthday Money I pretended not to have)

    Figure- Long Saber Dagobah Luke- $25 (one of the first I ever bought when I didn't realize there were other resources besides TRU and Comic Book Shops)

    Playset- Micro Collection Death Star World (the 1983 one) "about $100", and worth every penny I might add- this toy rocks!!!!

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    Thumbs up

    For a POTJ figure, no more than 12.00 As for the others, i will have to think about it.
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    I thought about it. I spent 150.00 on my carded Yakface years ago.
    "It can't rain all the time."

    "Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

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    I ended up shelling out 60 dollars for the new Ywing. I was on ebay looking for one and I had found one for 30. Being my ignorant self, I didnt read the additional info and went ahead and bought it now. Well that was cool untill I found out I had to shell out another 30 for the shipping and handling. Because it was coming from Taiwan! Learn a lesson folks, read the S&H costs!!!

    Also I spent $30 on Ree Yees
    And if one of my friends happen to buy a figure or vehicle I havent found yet...I give them a little extra for the effort and consideration. I am just nice that way
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    Post Behold the power of lists!

    Is this just POTJ stuff? Figure: Sandtrooper ($7.99), Item: B-Wing ($39.99).

    Vintage Figure: Han in Carbonite ($95), Item: Y-Wing ($20).
    POTF2 Figure: Buff Lando (this hurts, $35), Item: AT-AT ($79.99).
    SOTE Figure: Dash Rendar ($5.99), Item: Outrider ($19.99).
    E1 Figure: Sidious Holo ($10), Item: Queen's ship ($29).

    El fin.
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    I think the most I've ever spent on a single item was the 12" Biker Scout with Speeder Bike, which set me back $125.

    I didn't even spend that much on my vintage A-Wing and AT-AT!
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    $45 for the R2-D2 with holo Leia. But as I look back on was a good buy. Sorta.

    Then I won an Eopie off SleezeBay for $75

    Yeah...I know...but I couldn't help myself
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    Thumbs up Well$$

    I spent $17 for holo sidious and admiral motti. I also got the queen's starship for christmas for 90. And of course the AT-AT for 70-80.
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