Okay... Let’s rock again.

The box:

This is once again also a traditional “Cornflakes” box issue and unlike the boxes being released in the US of A there’s no additional markings of being a building toy that contains small parts and piece count isn’t mentioned either and it comes with a plain Star Wars logo.

The instruction booklet:

Is in full color and 20 pages long and takes you through building first the Tusken Raider and Anakin mini figure along with the moist vaporator on pages 2 to 9 and second the speederbike on pages 10 to 15 while the rest of the pages are used to show off the other Star Wars sets. But there’s no instructions included for the alternative models that are being shown off on the back of the box but it’s of no loss at all for me at least as I’ve got no interest at all in them and then again they’re pretty easy to build for the avid LEGO enthusiast so no problems at all.

Included in the box was also one LEGO and one Episode II flyer.

Parts and construction:

Parts came in one big and one small plastic bag and the construction was straight forward.

The set itself:

This is also a very nice little set and were as easy to build as the Jedi Duel set and it comes with Anakin Skywalker mini figure and his speederbike as well as two Tusken Raider mini figures and a moist vaporator but once again a much larger scene would have been better.

The Anakin Skywalker mini figure and his speederbike is quite nice and so are the Tusken Raider mini figures but it’d been way cool to see Mr. Greg Hyland’s (his work can be seen over at “that” other website) version of the famous bad guys but this will do of course.

I’ll give this set a total amount of three out of five lightsaber’s for the Tusken Raider figures.

Price in Swedish Crooner: 119.00 SEK or $11.55.

Once again all this might be old news but I just love to contribute with my very own words.

Kindest regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

By the way... This was the first set I got a torn instruction booklet in.