I’ve never ever been too found of the thought of human characters being designed with them Technic LEGO parts just because it doesn’t really work out too good as it did with the droids but just like I said wow about the Darth Vader figure I say wow once again about Jango Fett.

The Box:

As in the case with my samples of 8007 Technic C-3PO, 8008 Technic Stormtrooper, 8009 Technic R2-D2 and 8010 Technic Darth Vader my 8011 Technic Jango Fett came in a thick cardboard cornflakes box issue and like I said before I don’t like these cheaper boxes at all.

The instruction booklet:

Almost half an inch taller then the box itself I found the instruction booklet brutaly squeezed into the box along with the parts and isn’t this totally annoying since I save all the boxes and instruction booklets in otherwise perfect condition so what did LEGO think with? Nothing.

Really annoying to have a instruction booklet in bad condition but I’ll call them. Anyway...

Is in full color and 72 pages long and takes you through building the right and left leg, torso, head and finally the left and right arm including Jango Fett’s gun’s on pages 2 to 67 and rest of the pages show off the other sets and no alternative model to build is included at all.

Included in the box was also one Episode II flyer.

Parts and construction:

Parts come in four sealed plastic bags with pictures on them for each step building the kit and the instruction is pretty much clear on all points and easy to follow and shouldn’t cause any problems for anyone building this famous bounty hunter.

The bounty hunter himself:

I must say that I’m very impressed with this Technic version of Jango Fett and that he does indeed out do the Dark Sith Lord released earlier as he’s the best “human” character so far in the LEGO Technic line and it’s a very good representation of the bounty hunter I must say.

Okay, he’s a stiff dude alright but the pose is kind of more dynamic then the Stormtrooper and C-3PO kits and at least the shoulders, wrists, head and antenna are movable as well as a working rocket launcher and loose gun’s placed in holsters that can be placed in his hands.

The only thing that I actually could complain about with this kit is that the arms are a bit thin and that they should be beffed up a little bit but it’s something that the avid LEGO builder and collector could fix on this otherwise rather excellent and impressive version of Mr. Jango Fett.

Out of all the droids and “human” characters in the LEGO Star Wars Technic line Jango Fett is one of the best of them along with the Pit Droid, Battle Droid, Destroyer Droid and Darth Vader and therefore I’ll give him a total amount of five out of five lightsaber’s for being cool.

Price in Swedish Crooner: 349.00 SEK or $33.88.

A last minute note:

At the writing moment the release of the 8012 Super Battle Droid is yet to be seen so no review is available yet. Stay Tuned.

Kindest Regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

By the way... How about a Technic Boba Fett?