First thing that comes into mind with this set is: WOW!. But wait a minute? Why the heck did the LEGO designers leave it just 75% finished off? Why are these large gaping holes present in the hull of the Slave 1? What did the designers think with if at all? God knows. Maybe.

Okay, okay, okay. Let’s get going with the review.

The box:

Once again this is one of those awful thick cardboard cornflakes box issues that LEGO has started to use for their midsized sets instead of the seal box issues with a inner tray that they used some years ago and I really don’t like these type of “cheaper” boxes for the sets at all. Once again there’s no additional markings on the box front of being a building toy that contains small parts and piece count isn’t mentioned either unlike the boxes that are being released in the US of A and it comes with a plain Star Wars logo as with all later releases.

The instruction booklet:

Is in full color and 52 pages long and takes you through building the Jango Fett and Boba Fett mini figures and of course the magnificent Slave 1 itself on pages 2 to 47 but there’s no instruction included for the alternative models that’s shown off on the back of the box.

Included in the box was also one Episode II flyer.

Parts and construction:

What’s new here is that the parts are sorted in separate bags for each step making the Slave 1 and once again I’ve seen a debate about this over at that other website where some dude complained about this but I don’t mind it at all as it’s just as fun to build the Slave 1 anyway.

The set itself:

Building the Slave 1 is divided into five steps with each step in a separate bag and I was very impressed with each step I built and how cleverly designed the famous spaceship was and how all the new bricks came in handy due to all the complex shapes and details of the ship.


I know that these Star Wars sets are being made for and aimed at children but just like the older collectors and builders like us they want sets that don’t only look like their movie counter parts but that also are in scale with each other and has a whole lot of details as well.

Don’t get me wrong here as I’ll admitt that the LEGO designers has done a very good job indeed on this version of the Slave 1 compared to the old 7144 set but still there’s a whole lot to wish for in this set as the LEGO designers left it just 75% finished off and that’s a pitty.

The LEGO version of the ship pretty much matches the size of the 1:72 scale model kit of the Slave 1 that MPC made in the early eighties but that’s it and when one compare them one to another one can really see that it looks just like one of these Japanese so called deformed kits.

Yes the Slave 1 “IS” juniorized as well as compromized in shape as the “skirt” is a bit too small compared to the cockpit area that’s a bit too large and the nose/beak is way too small for the rest of the ship and scale and accuracy isn’t a factor when it comes to this set at all.

The absolutely worst part with the Slave 1 set is the huge gaping holes in the hull where the wings/fins attach and where the loading ramp were supposed to be and to me at least it’s very strange that the designers didn’t fix these omissions as the set is bloody expensive for anyone.

Okay, I know that most of the things I pointed out can be fixed with them bricks if you’re a bit creative but I still wonder why LEGO didn’t go all the way with this otherwise rather excellent set when its price tag are in the range of being very expensive for younger children.

Also debated by that dude amongst others over at that other website were the issue of the set having new specialized parts and being made by way too many of them but one got to have in mind that this set wouldn’t have been possible with plates alone due to the amount of them.

All in all I truly like this set as it’s way superior to the old 7144 Slave 1 set, I haven’t built that one yet for a special reason and I’ll get back to that some day, and I truly like all the new colors and parts provided in this set as LEGO has improved themselves once again.

I’ll give this set a total amount of three... Would have given it four if it hadn’t been for those huge gaping holes in the hull... out of five lightsaber’s for going in the right direction.

Price in Swedish Crooner: 579.00 SEK or $56.21.

Kindest regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.