I’ve got to admitt that when I first saw the Episode I vehicles and spaceships I really thought that they were very odd looking as they differed a whole lot from the designs in the original triology but as time went by all of the designs kind of grew on me and I like them a whole lot. Then when the very first pictures of the Jedi Starfighter from Episode II started to surface on the Internet I got exactly the same feeling as I did with the Episode I vehicles and spaceships but when I saw the Republic Gunship I got really interested even if it were a odd ship indeed. As time went by I finally got my sample of the LEGO version and recently I got to see more scenes from the movie involving the ship and a another version of it as a drop-ship and I must say that I’m very impressed with the designs and especially the set that LEGO has made.

So onto the review of the Republic Gunship.

The box:

This is a traditional “seal” box issue as I like to call them and it’s a bit strange that LEGO has made the decision to stay with these type of boxes for the much larger sets while the midsized ones are being released in those goddamn awful thick cardboard cornflakes type box issues. Once again there’s no additional markings on the box front of being a building toy that contains small parts and piece count isn’t mentioned either unlike the boxes that are being released in the US of A and it comes with a plain Star Wars logo as with all later releases.

The instruction booklet:

Is in full color and 84 pages long and takes you through building the Jimmy Jedi, four Clone Troopers, two Super Battle Droids and the Destroyer Droid mini figures on pages 2 to 4 and on pages 5 to 79 it takes you through building the awesome Republic Gunship in its glory. Just like the case with all the other Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones sets being available now alternative models are being shown off on the back of the box but just like the other sets there’s no instructions included for them but the avid LEGO builder can fix that.

Included in the box was also one Episode II flyer.

Parts and construction:

Just like 7153 Jango Fett’s Slave 1 the new thing here is that the parts are sorted in separate bags for each step making the Republic Gunship and some people has complained about this new feature in the new sets but I don’t mind it at all as it’s just as fun to build them anyway.

The set itself:

Building the Republic Gunship is divided into nine steps with each step in a separate bag and once again I was very impressed with how cleverly designed the awesome spaceship was and how all the new bricks came in handy due to all the complex shapes and details of the ship.

I’m not totally sure how accurate this LEGO version is compared to the original filming miniature as the few scenes I’ve seen it in are just seconds long and the few pictures I’ve seen are a bit unclear but as far as I can see it’s just slightly juniorized but correct me if I’m wrong.

The Republic Gunship is a great Star Wars LEGO set not only for having a large amount of mini figures included but also for being a very good representation of the spaceship in the movie and for having a whole lot of neat features included for the younger builders out there.

However, these so called features is something that I as sure as the sun goes down could live without as I in my very own humble opinion feel that the set is a bit loose and woobly due to these features and to me at least the swosh factor is low as it’s a clumsy System set to handle.

Except for being a bit loose and woobly and being a bit of a clumsy set the only real low down with the Republic Gunship is those pesky stickers that are included for added details to the ships hull and why LEGO didn’t print the details on the parts only God knows as I don’t.

All in all I truly like this set a whole lot as it’s way superior to for example the discontinued 7190 Millennium Falcon set that looks like two frying pans stuck together just like the Japanese so called super deformed models and that’s not what “I” want even in a System set.

What more can I say about this rather excellent set? Well... Buy it people. It’s darn good.

A last miniute note:

People have made posts about the lack of an arm or two for one of the Super Battle Droids and in my sample of the set another clear plastic bag were included with two arms for the second mini figure as well as the magnets so LEGO must have made a packaging error.

I’ll give this set a total amount of four out of five lightsaber’s for being a great set indeed.

Price in Swedish Crooner: 1079.00 SEK or $104.75.

Kindest regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

By the way... Now all we’re missing is the drop-ship version of the Gunship.