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    Asking a favor for those going to Celebration 2

    I am one of those very unlucky few that won't be attending the second Celebration.
    I was just wondering if anybody that is going please upload any pics/video footage that you take the Celebration.

    Thanx an advance.

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    I'll have pics posted on my website later this week once film is developed.

    I also recorded the bit on CNN last night "Live at Skywalker Ranch." It had some footage of C2. Unfortunately, it's 1.8GB, so I can't really send it to anyone.

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    E! News Live also had footage last night, as well as interviews with Anthony Daniels, Daniel Loga, and Temuera Morrison.

    It looked like a pretty wild event!

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    I have some of the Yoda footage from the CNN Live at Skywalker Ranch.

    If you can compress the video to a .rm or a .ram file it would be great.

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    Here my pics from the event. Enjoy

    Celebration II Pics

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    Thanx for the Pics. These pictures make me mad/sad that I didn't get to go.

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    I shot 6 rolls, but only have a dozen pics on my site yet so far. There are pics all over the web. Here, for instance:

    I've only seen a few brief instances of video, but here are some links you should check out:

    Damn. I can't find links to 2 other videos I've seen. I can zip and send them on IRC to anyone interested. One is footage someone shot of the awesome Yoda trailer being played at CII. The crowd reaction is priceless. The other is an E! Entertainment piece on the event. It has footage of tons of stormtroopers assembled outside the con center.

    I found the E! link:

    There's all kinds of stuff here:
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    Hey, I actually have that yoda footage on my site.

    There's some pretty nifty 360 footage from SWC 1 here:


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