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    Question What was the last non SW book you read?

    I am just curious, as I always like to get to know everyone here better. I think this gives you a little insight on your fellow posters.

    So, what was the last non-Star Wars book that you read?

    Mine was:

    Bias by Bernard Goldberg.

    He is a former CBS news correspondant who talks about how there is a liberal slant to the news in America. Very interesting read. It gets a little redundant in some places, but some of the things I found shocking.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    i read "black hawk down" and "shadow warriors" by tom clancey recently.

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    I just started Underboss, the story of Sammy the Bull Gravano. Other than the AOTC novelization, this is the first book I'll read for pleasure in quite a while. I'm usually trying to read some more "academic" texts but I must admit to being a little behind.

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    I hear ya Caesar. I don't get to nearly as often as I would like, especially with the fast releases of the New Jedi Order books.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    Fiction: Dune, House Corrino
    NonFiction: A Brief History of Time
    Comics: Danger Girl
    Newspaper: LA Times
    Back of Cereal Box: Lucky Charms

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    Since I am the Master of Lists (take this e-Jargo! ), I actually keep a running total of all the books I've read from as far back as I can remember. Now, I don't consider Dr. Seuss, Disney, comic books, magazines, etc. in that list, just novels (but young reader ones do count, if they're at least 90+ pages). So...

    Last completed non-SW book (as of 5/3): From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne
    Last completed SW book (as of 5/3): Rebel Dream by Aaron Alliston (sp?)
    Total of all books read (as of 5/3): 332
    Total of all SW books read (as of 5/3): 145

    Common authors/titles:
    A.C. Clarke
    J.R.R. Tolkien
    J. Steinbeck
    Harry Potter
    Encyclopedia Brown
    Paddington Bear
    W. Least-Heat Moon
    J. Campbell (duh! )
    W. Shakespeare
    H.G. Wells
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.

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    mine was "la bete de la cave" from goosebumps (in french) which I had to read for school to learn reading and spoeeking better french (and believe me, my french speaking and loud reading is now much better, no kidding)

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    In my current fiction sabbatical (I normaly read only non-ficiton; Currently reading Dreamcatcher by SK (largely borrowed from Dark Skies), but finished the exquisite Elementals an out-of-print horror from Michael McDowell.

    Most recent Non-fiction was the challenging Witnessed by Budd Hopkins.


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    Thumbs up

    The godfather...a loooong time ago. As most books, it shows more facts than the movie.
    As always...........L

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    non fiction - Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche
    fiction - The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway


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