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Thread: brother in rotj

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    Sean the Hutt

    brother in rotj

    I noticed that there is a "brother" pilot in the big battle scene at the end. why not make a figure of him? I think he was in an x wing, though he doesn't make it through the battle unfortunately., I think he was put in for the special edition.

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    Yeah he was an X-wing. I would like them to make more of the pilot figures like him and others, especially human B-wing pilots.
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    Wouldn't black or African American be a little more polite rather than brother?
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    ... I didn't understand what he was talking about until I read your reply, Dong. I was thinking "somebody's brother? Ten Nunb?"

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    I was also totally confussed, I ended up thinking of someone from the Big brother show... Maybe because I've got the Rotterdam version currently happening down my road...

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    Originally posted by Dak Powers
    ... I didn't understand what he was talking about until I read your reply, Dong. I was thinking "somebody's brother? Ten Nunb?"
    Hehe, me too

    Actually Sean that black pilot has always been in ROTJ although like you said, he doesn't make it out alive. I'd love for them to make him.

    It's funny you mentioned him because looking at the Celebration photos of the Endor troopers, I'm kind of diappointed that they didn't make one of them black. It's not a big thing, but considering how many background characters Hasbro makes, and that in the background was pretty much the only place we get to see any black people (besides Lando of course) in the OT, I think it's reasonable to do that.
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    Yeah, Brotha is more accurate.......

    and African American wouldn't have applied......

    America, and Africa didn't exist a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away......
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    ::slaps face:: ohhh, I get it!!!! thanks for clearing that up for me!!

    I had read this thread a few times & didnt quite understand....

    I think a variety would have been good on the Bespin Security as well (like in the original line)

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    You mean this dude? Hell yeah hasbro should be making more ethicly(sp?) diverse characters and not just the honkies. One Oriental bespin guard one samoan captain of security one Lando and One black captain of security in like four years is not good. better than the pathetic turn out for the vintage line but hardly representational of a multi-ethnic pan global collecting fanbase.
    Time for change methinks. That said I don't want to see millions of black background characters and nothing else either. just a broader mix and variety of ethnic types. Star wars reflects a richly diverse universe in its human characters as well as the aliens.

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    Actually, colored people prefer the name "Soul Brotha" or "Soul Sista" to Afro American or African American. All my colored friends love to be called "Soul Brotha". It depends on the type of person you speak to of course.


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