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    The entertainer in Romford (opened last week) is doing okay. Had a good selection of about 8 figures last week inc Royal Guar and Dexter. Now running a bit low, with multiple Jar-Jars (what, really?), Taun-We's and Geo warriors.

    Wrong thread, but they have a few POTJ and EP 1 bits going as well.
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    The Private Universe is reporting that the Bespin Wave and Dooku have turned up in Southampton. And there's another report of Luke in another TRU. Eyes open.
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    I've just got an alert from that they have Dooku and Mace in stock at 7 each.
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    Here's another update on the continuing adventures of kadamontaga...

    We saw on The Private Universe that the Bespin wave and Count Dooku were turning up all over the country in TRU. So, at about 7pm we went to the Derby branch. At this time they tend to have the new boxes on the floor. We were told that in the morning they are transferred to the shelves if there is space and put in the back in the pegs are full.

    When we arrived there was no sign of any new figures or boxes on the floor. So we asked a member of staff who went to have a look in the back. She told us that there had been no delivery of SW today.

    So went drove to nottingham, getting there at about 7:25pm


    So, in a last attempt, we went back to TRU Derby. As we walked in the voice-over thing said that the shop would be closing in 5 minutes. Then we spotted them - there were several boxes of Dooku, Darth, Jango, Luke and Mace. We got one of each except Mace. Pretty good eh?
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    I picked those ones up as well.
    I found out that TRU gets its figs in complete boxes - as in the box is entirely one figure.
    I had been working on the assumption that they had the same case assortments as the US.

    Haven't found Dejas or Orn Free Ta yet.
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    TRU Bedford had loads of Djas, Picked one up yesterday and a Dooku which they also had loads of.
    Funny thing is when I went there last week for my first lot of Ep 2 they had small amounts of all of the first wave (apart from Shaak Ti dammit) then when I went back this week larger amounts of less figures which is strange if they buy unmixed cases they must be shiftin loads of the less popular ones.
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    As you may have seen on The Private Universe over the last couple of days, Palpatine is turning up in TRUs up and down the country.
    We can confirm that the Derby branch have him in stock, but not on the shelves. We asked a nice lady and she brought us one.

    In the end we didn't buy him though, his robes looks naff and he had chicken pox. We can't wait for the next wave to arrive Has anyone heard first hand when to expect it?
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    Orn Free Taa & Endor Rebel Soldier (Bearded Version) are now out in TRU's. Got mine earlier today at the Brighton store. Reports of other TRU's also filling shelves.
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    Shaak Ti won't be in stores until July when she ships with the Acklay. Got my Palpatine in Liverpool or Chester TRU, both had him. Plus loads of royal guards still. Mostly the pegs are choked with wave one collection one crap. I'm giving up on TRU basically and going back to shopping online. I can't be bothered with the hunt at my age. It's more convenient to just order from somewhere that has the stock ready to go whenever. Plus there's no disapproving looks from geeky fanboys when you buy more than one of any figure. (Duffy72 who posts at the private universe)

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    I found Yoda, Hangar Anakin, Clonetrooper, Zam and Dooku in a comic shop near me today. I bought Yoda and Hangar Anakin, both are very good. I got Dooku today too, I ordered him from R2DToys.
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