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    Hi, I live in L.A. California where there are tons of Shaak Ti, I was wondering why you don't just order on the different action figure web sites where they are really cheap or on Everyones complaigning how hard they are to get, they are all over the internet and the States, and alot of places out here ship? So did you guys just get cases without Shaak Ti or is it just a hot figure where because everyone wants it, it creates a false demand for just another figure? Anyways there are tons of ways to get that figure without having to wait until July to get it. Rediculous

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    Figures ship in cases of just the one figure, not assortments, over here in the UK

    Also, Amazon didn't ship figures to the UK last time I checked.

    I got mine from for 8.
    Worth a bit more not to wait and worry (or worry about import charges)

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    Got my Shaak Ti from a local collectors store on Saturday. Cost me 6.49. Not bad for a figure thats not even in the UK yet. The store got it from Malaysia, as it's got an import sticker on the back. I could have waited till July, but it was the only figure I needed to complete the current released set.
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    Just found the new Massiff figure in TRU. Not bad, only articulated in the jaw though, gen warrior is a nice pack-in to build up those dioramas.
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    I got a Massif today as well, from Derby TRU. I think its a pretty good figure but not great. It doesn't have as much visual impact as some of the other recent ones. I'm also finding the geonossian quite hard to stand.

    Does anyone know roughly when to expect Obi, Han and Chewy?
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    Han, Chewie & Obi Wan have just hit the US. We have been getting the SAGA figs about 3-4 weeks later. So with a bit of luck, maybe at the start of July.

    Anybody got release info of the other version of the rebel soldier? I got the bearded one, just need the clean shaven version.
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    Later in the year I heard, sometime in the fall or at xmas but possibly not until next year.

    Toypalace are getting Chewie next week apparently. I've seen everything but Djas Puhr and Orn free Taa at liverpool and Chester TRU's. The staff at both those stores are really helpful, Let me go through all the cases waiting to be put out.
    I'm hoping the new deluxe figures and the Acklay will show soon. They've been released but.....

    I'm wondering if hasbro will make these WAL*MART accessory packs available over here. The Endor pack is the one I'm after.

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    Yeah, I hope they release the accessory packs too.
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    The Han and Obi-Wan Pilot figures are out in Portsmouth, so I'd assume everywhere will have them soon.
    Not seen Chewbacca yet

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    Portsmouth. Um. I only live a few miles away from there. Have to check it out.

    Darth Havoc, have you been into Essential Collectables lately ??, I haven't had time to pop in there for a while. Have they got any decent stuff at a resonable price ??
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