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    Same at Liverpool TRU
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    That's cold Obi-Wan

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    Brent Cross TRU, N London

    Just crawled back through the hole in the fence by this store, which has half a dozen Obi-Wan Pilots, three or four Endor Hans, and one Unleashed Fett pair - as well as the usual Clone troopers, umpteen Padmes, countless Jangos & various Jedi and a Palpatine. Toward the back of the store they also have a few more Saga pegwarmers, several sneak preview figures... and on clearance there's a crate of Leia Organas (white award ceremony gown, complete with medal - yawn!) for 96p each.

    No sign of Bespin Chewie or deluxe Anakin/Geonosian, though.

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    Brighton TRU have both the unleashed figures in for 14.99, and the new deluxe Anakin with Geo Warrior.

    Loads of Han Solos, Obi Wan (pilot & CE), Jango (Kamino & arena), Clonetroopers & Dexter.
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    Hey bit of a TPU convention here

    I really appreciate you guys passing on TPU news as it helps the fans enjoy SW more in the UK...

    SSG is rapidly becoming a regular haunt...

    Sorry can't add anything to the thread, but check TPU sometime if you don't know it already.

    The Private Universe - The UK's No.1 Star Wars news site!

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    Above and beyond have got the Acklay and Anakin deluxe in stock. The Acklay is trilogo which means the box looks really **** poor and the entire back is just a huge black square with everything printed multiple times over in really tiny white print you can't read. The information about the Acklay's guts is on the side of the box, and that's all she wrote. Price was 19.99 which is just 3 over expected TRU retail. It's a nice beast but the legs are strange to work out and get the thing to stand or rather crouch. You feel like you'll break it if youmove the legs but it's fairly sturdy and thanks to our colder climate it stays standing and doesn't sag in the middle like it does for the Americans

    Didn't pick up the deluxe Anakin with geonosian because it looked cheap and nasty. Above and beyond price was 8.99 though.

  6. #46 now has new Chewbacca & Nexu listed. 5.99 & 8.99 respectively.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    Thanks mate, just ordered both, now just need to wait for the next wave of figs.

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    I'm sorry, just had to stop a second and say why did Pete TPU come in here to advertise his site when half of you already go there? Pete comes over here and expects to leave shameless adverts for TPU everywhere and not be deleted? Maybe if he contributed he'd get cut some slack. As it is I can't help seeing him as one of those annoying door to door salesmen.

    Anyway rant over. Ordered the Nexu and Chewbacca from myself last night. All's we need now is the Teemto Pagalies wave to start showing up.

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    TPU reports Chewbacca at Swansea TRU. Has it started showing up anywhere else? Is anyone near Sheffield TRU?

    When do you expect the Nexu to turn up over here?
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    Good to hear that the chewbacca is in the shops now, but considering I got my Chewbacca and Nexu on wednesday for the same price as TRU sell, im not worse off, the Nexu is great, press the little button and it roars.


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