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    UK - Have you found any new waves?

    Hi everyone,
    Have the new waves started showing up in your part of the country?

    We just got back from TRU in nottingham and derby and here are our findings:
    Nottingham and Derby both have Zam in droves. Derby is better stocked than nottingham, having almost all of the first 26 figures. We also found the new Qui-Gon in Derby. Didn't buy him though - looked crappy.
    Still no sign of Dooku.

    How is everyone else getting on now the shops have restocked? And has the situation with Woolies changed? Ours still has the OPD anakin pegwarmer and his chums.
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    I went round Woolies, The Entertainer, Alders in Romford and Ilford and they all just have the first three figures, plus two deluxe. No luck on anyone else. I don't drive so I can't get to any local TOys R Us. I've taken the bull by the horns and ordered a couiple of ones from The I bought a load in the US last week so I only have six to find now - inc Dooku!!!
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    I just got my last 4 from the first initial 26 at the I just got fed up with my local TRU saying when I phoned them that they have had a delivery but they blatantly had no new figure's when I got there. But alas TRU seem to be the best place at the moment for new item's, just wish they would hurry up and get Dooku.

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    Here's an update:
    We went to sheffield last saturday, visiting TRU, Starstore and Forbidden Planet.

    Forbidden Planet:
    A decent enough selection of POTJ and AOTC, a pound or two over TRU's price.

    One or two preview figures. No POTJ.

    Again, a good selection of AOTC. But our best finds were two non-electric lightsabers! I didn't think they were gonna release these.
    They're a fair bit smaller than the electric ones, and the blade is fully collapsible into the hilt. It then locks in place, allowing he hilt to be hung upside-down on your belt. To release the blade you have to swing the saber or hold it upside down while pressing the release button. We saw 2 different hilts, one that looked lik Obi-Wan's and one that looked like a generic saber. Four baldes were also available:

    10 at TRU.

    Let us know if you find the new AOTC waves
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    I've seen nothing interesting, the first wave is pegwarming already here and I've seen Kit Fisto, Super Battle Droid, Padme and R2 near me.
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    Found a few pegs of Zam Wessel in the Chester TRU today. Plus the deluxe figures. Found Yoda and some clonetroopers in the Liverpool and Chester TRU.

    Nothing else interesting but if the Battle droids are going to be changing to the red variety soon, if you haven't got a cream one then get one. Seems the red one will be more readily available than the cream version. A true variant and not just a silly error.

    I'm waiting for the Massif /w Geonosian handler, Orn Free Taa, Shaak Ti and Dooku to show up. Should start seeing those soon. BTW, Woolworth's in Birkenhead had just Obi-Wan Coruscant chase and jango Fett Kamino escape when I looked today. They'd sold out of Anakin peasant. Not that I wanted any of them but that's all they had. Pathetic isn't it?

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    Just to reiterate, if anyone else from the Midlands is reading this, TRU is Derby and Nottingham have been very well stocked on every visit. TRU Derby has several of most figures.
    TRU sheffield is also worth a look if you're in the area.

    If anyone is having any difficulty finding things, send me an email at and I might be able to pick a figure or two up for you. I'll sell the figure at cost, but you'll have to pay for postage too.

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    Just to let you know the Entertainer and TRU in Lakeside (Essex) have a good selection in, if a bit limited(TRU were putting out new figures). I saw Zam, Taun We, Nikto Jedi, Shaa Ti, Yoda and Orn Free Taa as well as a few others. No Jango Fett strangely though

    But funnily enough the independant(scalper) store there seemed to have all the collection 2 figures (marked up to 8 a figure) though with TRU and the Entertainer's stocks deeply depleted. Coincidence? You decide.

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    We just got back from TRU in Derby...
    Their stock is running pretty low at the moment. It looks like someone came in and bought several of everything over the weekend. So that's the bad news...

    The good news is that there were three boxes full of Djas Puhr on the floor. I reckon that must mean about 3 dozen of the little fella. Its a shame they haven't got some of the other figures we were expecting, but its nice to see them get anything new

    We've attached a carded picture for evidence, and I'll follow up with a loose shot.

    If anyone is absolutely desperate to get this guy, we might be able to go back tomorrow and pick up a few.
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    Here's a loose shot. Forgive the quality of the pictures - cheap webcam.

    From first impressions, he a nicely sculpted fellow with two nice guns and two working holsters! He's slightly action-posed, but still looks okay having a casual drink, as it were. He also comes with blast effects similar to preview Jango's.
    His joints are probably the worst point - his left shoulder is too tight and his waist is quite loose.
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