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    I thought they would launch it with a bit more content rather than what they are promising will happen. jargo is right in that it looks too 'corporate' and not aimed at the collector. Let's hope they can offer us some decent exclusives though, that the americans really want but can't get.

    On the subject of having a figure in your own image, one of me would be exeptionally cool, but others would think 'the ILM creature shop really went to town on that character...'
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    I find it curious about this figure thing. The cartoon network are running a competition in the states for kids under the age of fourteen that is identical in nature to this deal. Are hasbro doing it differently over here in the UK? Is it open to anybody or does the same age restriction apply? Maybe I should 'ask Hasbro'?
    I'd quite like a figure made in my image I suppose but why a Jedi? Everything revolves around the flippin' Jedi. I'd rather be immortalised as the Emperor or one of Jabba's henchmen or something. jedi are so boring. Not that I would be likely to be picked for this. I never win anything. They'd check out my e-mail address and go "Oh God, it's that damn Jargo guy. Quick, pick the next e-mail address along..!" I don't think they like me much cuz I'm always complaining at them. The other thing is, they assume that the winner would want to keep themselves carded. If I won I'd want to erm - play. With me and the other figures. I'd want to put me in with the fighting Jedi in the arena. Have myself slicing and dicing the Acklay or something. I can't see a kid winner keeping themselves pristine and carded either.
    Actually, I quite fancy the idea of being a Maul like Jedi with horns Iridonian Zabrak isn't he? Hmmm, yeah that sounds cool.
    As for getting hold of the Jorg Sacul figure or the Toyfair vader, I really have no interest in those at all. I'd rather have the opportunity to get hold of these cantina aliens packs that are exclusive to WalMart. The Imperial shuttle, stuff like that. We should have no problem with the upcoming TRU exclusive x-wing though

    have you checked out the site yet? They have star wars figures on sale finally at the same prices as TRU. Delivery is 3.50 for the normal 3-5 working days or 5.95 for next day delivery if you get the order in before midday. Looks like they'll be offering plenty of good stuff as the section keeps growing. Cool!

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    Just great, damn Hasbro UK only ships locally.

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    I just ordered some POTJ from the hasbro site.
    Should be here soon!
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