I was just over at the private universe who had this report about Hasbro UK setting up a website:

Something Special for the collectors from Hasbro UK
Pete [Editor] Friday, May 3rd 2002 - 04:23:42 PM

In my priveleged position as Editor I am told a great number of things ending in the phrase But don't report it just yet... But after being given an official nod I have this to tell you!

TPU is always proud to be associated with any official body involved in the Star Wars universe, and especially with Hasbro UK. So I am delighted to anounce that Hasbro UK are launching a special site very soon dedicated to Star Wars collectors in the UK. This site has much to offer, and will include the chance to chat with Hasbro UK staff involved in the Star Wars licence, competitions to win exclusive prizes (25th Anniversary Vader perhaps?) and much much more!

Hasbro UK have been accused of not listening to the Star Wars fans in the UK, but no longer! Keep checking back with TPU for more news on this as it comes in.

A special thanks to Claire for keeping me updated
So hopefully this means we will get a chance to bag some of these exclusive fanclub figures at the same time as the Americans or shortly afterwards. It also gives us a real channel to access Hasbro and let them know how we feel and what our probl;ems are. Plus to give positive feedback where it's due. But it sounds like a real breakthrough for UK collectors as long as it's put together right. I don't know about you but I heaved a tiny sigh or semi relief when I read that report. My faith in Hasbro was pretty much shattered this last couple of years but this does seem like a real step forward in the right direction. Hope it all pans out okay.