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    Needles and Probing.......

    There's a conversation in the novel between Jango and Taun We that I'm positive is NOT going to be in the film. It takes place outside on Kamino when Jang and Boba are fishing. It mentions Jango cringing at the thought of the needles and probing involved with the collection of his genetic material. When I read this I actually laughed out loud because it was so damn funny. I can just picture Taun We standing there eagerly waiting to probe Jango. I hope they put some kind of reference to the "needles and probing" in the movie because it pokes fun at the popular culture stereotypical "probing, abducting alien" ala South Park. It probably won't happen but it sure would be funny.
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    Jango and Boba fishing? I just can't see that.


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