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Thread: IE 6 Anyone?

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    IE 6 Anyone?

    How many of you have upgraded to Internet Explorer 6.0? What are your thoughts of it thus far?
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    I have IE 5.5 and am not upgrading to 6.0 'cause it reminds me a lot of the AOL browser. And I think AOL sucks.

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    My brother has IE 6.0 and I think it is terrible. My brother hates it too but doesn't know how to get rid of it.
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    doesn't it automatically come with the awful instant messenger? No matter how hard you try to stop that thing or delete it from your system, somehow it keeps coming back at you. it's like a dose..... i'll only consider it if the security is beter. You never can have enough security. You never can tell who's peeping...........


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