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    Unhappy Why does everyone hate poor Jar Jar?

    I don't know about anyone else, but the first time I saw Star Wars: Episode 1, I thought Jar Jar was hysterical, and everyone laughing in the theater seemed to agree with me. Then I went home, went on the Net, heard some anti-Jar Jar sentimes, and they seemed to spread like wildfire.

    I mean, come on, what's WRONG with Jar Jar? Is he any worse than the little boy who by chance happens to fly into outer space and win the battle for the Federation? How about the little teddy bears that beat up the Empire's finest with sticks and rocks, and take C-3PO as their God? Or Chewbacca's family from the Christmas special?

    Star Wars is full of silly moments--why is only Jar Jar despised? He's at least as cool as Chewbacca.

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    It's all opinion. I for one hated Jar-Jar. And funny, when I saw him in the theatre for the first time, the audience didn't laugh at all at anything he did. They all had the same reaction I did. I think that putting Jar-Jar on the same level of Chewie is an insult to Chewbacca.
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    I went into the theater about a week after E1 came out. I had already heard that people were annoyed by the character, and when I finally saw for myself, I pretty much agreed. Jar Jar is incredibly obnoxious. Not only that, but the situations he got into without influencing their cause were at times too silly for the SW movies for me. Such as stepping in poo and getting farted on.

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    I look at it this way:

    I like Jar Jar,
    I like his walk, his voice/speech patterns, the character's design and such.

    I'm not too big on the way they used him sometimes, i.e. "stepping in poo and getting farted on", or getting kicked in the junk (okay, that was pretty fnny )

    I really like Ewan McGregor, and if they gave him those same experiences I would not be happy about it but still like the character. Hope that gives some perspective.

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    Try here, for quite a few more Binks supporters and a few detracters opinions, including my own. You can tell I really like the charecter, though like Caeser, I don't like everything they did with him.

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    Jar Jar was great! Sure some of his scenes were a little unecessary; but he was definitely a refreshing foil to the wooden, emotionless Jedi. Seeing how his character develops in Ep2 makes me like him even more. Anyways, check out the thread JJB references to get more of my opinion.
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    I hate Jar Jar because I hate most comic relief characters that have little to no meaning to the movie - He has one crucial scene, as a result I have to sit through the most banal, outdated, pathetic Jerry Lewis style humour to get to this one bit. Now compare that to Donkey from Shrek. From the moment they meet Donkey helps mold Shrek into a different being and does so as the movie progresses, therefore his importance to the movie is apparent throughout the story. In TPM the Jedi can't stand Jar Jar from the beginning and they're supposed to be serene fatalists.

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    What Jedi can't stand Jar Jar? The only one that didn't like him much was Obi-Wan at the beginning. Qui-Gon liked him, and even saved his life because the force told him that Jar Jar was meant for somthing great.

    Take a read of the novel based on the movie, to see that Qui-Gon actually has similar feelings about Jar Jar as he does Anakin. Obi-Wan actually makes himself out as a complete jerk to Jar Jar in the book, and Qui-Gon chastizes him for it.

    They should have left more of that in the movie. Also the serious conversation he has with Queen Amidala on Corsurant. Cutting that scene was the biggest mistake in E1. It adds a much more complex side to Jar Jar, and sets his charecter up better for E2.

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    I'm going to hate Jar Jar even more for what he does in Ep2

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    I also like jar-jar
    some scenes are stupid and unnecessary but most of it is cool or at least ok
    the one I like least in E-1 is actually anakin, in the space battle he acs like it's a video-game or something ("let's do this, that's a good trick...") and doesn't take the situation serious
    also that he saves everyone by an "accident" is pretty stupid IMO


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