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    Peanut Butter: Chunky or Creamy?

    I personally don't like chunky peanut butter because my mouth isn't that coordinated... unlike the rest of me. I tend slice up my mouth with those tiny bits of peanut. The flavour's not very even with chunky as well.

    Also- I prefer JIF. Nice balance of sweetness and saltiness. Mmmmmmm...

    Anyone else have an opinion on our old friend "peanut butter"?
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    I pick creamy, although I am finding that any manner of sticky, pastelike food is not your friend when you are growing a beard.
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    I prefer creamy JIF as well.

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    I prefer crunchy JIF. They make the best peanut butter. I am not a fan of Peter Pan at all. ANyone remember the whipped peanut butter they had for a while? That stuff was crap!
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    I like chunky peanut butter, but when it comes to spreading it on bread, creamy is the only way to go. Unless you like ripped, shredded bread, I suppose.

    Great PB combos I like:
    celery and...
    chocoloate chips and...
    Uh, I guess that's all. Hmm.

    I don't like those PB and jelly combinations. Ugh! All in one jar? Ew...
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    Goober Grape! I always wanted some as a kid. FINALLY I get some, and it was AWFUL!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm a SUNPAT man myself and I go for creamy over smooth or chunky anyday. Although recently I'm beginning to wonder if I don't have a peanut allergy. Been getting bleeding gums and hot and cold sweats every time anything peanuty comes anywhere near my mouth. Strange and perturbing since I love peanuts and especially PB. I was kinda hoping me and PB would still be friends when I'm old and wrinkly and can only suck at things and take non solid food. Life is crap to me. A peanut allergy?!!!

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    Jargo, do you have any other allergies? Maybe there's just a coincidence with the Springtime? I realize that teeters on ignorance because I'm not even familiar with England's current weather but I'll risk asking --- it's worth it to save a friendship with PB.

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    Chunky all the way. This thread has kind of blown a theory of mine. In my experience I have yet to find a guy that preferred creamy over chunky and vice versa for women. My mom would never buy creamy, but me, my dad, and my brothers would always complain about wanting chunky.

    Why chunky? I just can't eat a sandwich without some crunch to it, which creamy just doesn't have. I even have to put potato chips inside a tuna sandwich because it's too soft otherwise.

    I wonder if preferrence for one over the other is genetic. Any geneticists care to answer that question?
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    I prefer Nutella - the hazelnut/chocolate confection. What's that, it's not one of my choices?

    Creamy or chunky, it rarely makes a difference. When it DOES somehow make a difference though, I prefer creamy by a slight margin.
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