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    Jar Jar - the only Gungan in AOTC ?

    I need some help here, the novelization clearly states that Binks is flanked by Gungan aides when he makes his Senate speech, but I just got the AOTC trading card pertaining to this scene and the picture on the back shows Jar Jar and ONLY Captain Typho in the Senate pod.

    Please tell me there will be some Gungans visible in the background somewhere in the movie! I'm getting the impression that we won't be seeing any on Naboo .

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    I think they dropped out Jar Jar's aides, sadly. But I'm sure we'll see a few milling around Theed when Ani and Padme go there. What with the newly forged relations between the Gungan and Naboo people since E1, it would be a little silly to see none.

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    That's exactly what I mean about Theed, there should definately be Gungans milling about. I'm not saying that the two species have to completely integrate, because they clearly have different natural habitats. But I do believe they should be interacting on different levels, like business matters for example.

    Now that you mentioned Theed, I have another thought - why the heck would Queen Jamilla not keep a few Gungans on her court? It would make sense for diplomatic relations between the 2 groups to have the Gungans represented in the Queen's rule.

    Back to the Senate scene, I guess I was hoping that some Gungan aides would at least accompany JJB to his pod and not move out in it, but I just don't think that's the case.

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    The whole Peace thing would be for nothing in Ep1 if there's no Gungan's seen on Naboo in Ep2.

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    does anyone think a gungan could ever be a jedi, cause i made a custom, and thought that maybe that could be possible.
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    Any race has the potential. Just look at the fact that we have Nikto and Twi'lek Jedis. Heck, in EU we have a Tusken Raider Jedi. The RPG game doesn't place restrictions on race for Jedi charecters, so I say go for it, he can always be a background Jedi for your arena battle diorama. Heck of a lot better then N'Sync Jedi. Why not post your pic here, so we can see it? I was going to make one myself, but he was going to be a Sith Lord.

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    There's a Wookie Jedi in the latest Holonet News update, he's standing with Qui Gon , Dooku, and Yoda.

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    Oh good lord - A jedi Gungan. "Oi muy, muy! Mesa dropped bombad lightsaber on mesa foot! It hurt tewwible, teewwwwiiible!"

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    Don't forget the greatest Jedi of them all "Skippy the Jedi Droid" (R5-D4)

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    Gungan Jedi vs. Skippy the Jedi droid. Who would win?

    I actually wouldn't mind there being a Gungan Jedi but when I read the story of Skippy in a Star Wars comic I thought it was so stupid and idiotic I felt like ripping it up. R5-D4 is in AOTC, I really hope Lucas didn't read the Skippy story for inspiration...

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