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    Favorites so far...

    Now that most of us have many or most of the new Star Wars Episode II figures, which are your favorites so far?

    For me, it's supprisingly...

    Anakin Skywalker (Hanger Duel)
    - his action feature doesn't work but he's a cool figure.
    - he actually looks like C-3PO with and without his coverings.
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Coruscan't Chase)
    - this figure looks better out of the packaging. I actually like his magnet features, they work pretty well.
    Nikto Jedi
    - he has no action feature which is great. Just a neat looking figure.
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    since I only have Jango Fett KE till' now (damn europe toysrus) guess who's my favorite !?!
    yeah you guessed it...

    Kit Fisto !


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    I'm totally digging both my C3-PO (why everybody else seems to LOATH this figure remains a huge mystery to me...) and also ARTOO. (He's just so darn cute as he Beeps! and Blinks! away...)

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    Anakin HD is my current favorite, along with Dexter and the Tusken Female.
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    I have:
    -Count Dooku
    -Anakin HD
    -Jango Fett KE
    -Captain Typho
    -Geonosian Warrior
    -Obi-Wan Kenobi (Coruscant Chase)

    I like them all!

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    I like R2-D2 best becasuse of the effects. Also like Dooku and most of the jedi. C-3PO is cool too, especially loose.

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    I really like the yoda i got today. The HD anakin is cool too but his arm keep falling off!
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    So far I like:

    Padme (my favorite)
    Anakin HD
    Clone Trooper (red)
    Dooku ( I didn't like this at first , but I think its good now compared to
    Geonosian Warrior

    Luminara would probably be my favorite if I could find her!
    What happened to the paint job?

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    I was really impressed with Yoda. He's got it all.

    Once I get Dooku and Anakin they'll probably take the crown tho.

    I'd really like an Obi-Wan, but I don't like that magnet.
    A better one will come out eventually.

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    I only buy figures that I like, so tey are all my favorites. But if I had to choose just a few that stand out to me:

    Obi Wan CC
    Jango Fett KE
    Anakin HD
    Count Dooku
    Zam BH
    Red Clonetrooper
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