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    Jango can't shoot straight

    So, if the stormtroopers are all clones of Jango Fett, does that mean Jango can't shoot to save HIS life either?

    Come to think of it, Boba Fett is rumored to be a clone of Jango, and I dont recall ever seeing him shoot anything.

    Infact, it took him so long to aim his gun in ROTJ that he couldn't get around to shooting Luke before getting knocked on his butt.
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    Well see, I believe that each clone is just a little dumber than the next. This accounts for why the Stormtroopers are all so stupid. Boba Fett did shoot, he barely missed turning Luke's head into barbecue in ESB. I think he shot something in ROTJ too. So my theory is, after Boba, all the clones started going downhill.

    So if you look at it that way, Jango's probably the best one out of all of them, being the "patriarch" so to speak.

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    Oh yeah, I forgot he MISSED Luke in ESB...
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    Yeah but Fulit..... I don't think the guy actually hit anything (other than the sail barge or sand) in ROTJ.

    The clone/jango/boba/stormtrooper "inability to shoot straight" theory is growing in strength.....
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    Boba is a more advanced clone of Jango and Stormtroopers aren't because they need more stormtroopere quickly. They just spent more time on Boba Fett.

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    Cripes, maybe Jango won't be able to shoot worth a damn, I don't know, it's just a theory I have that he would be a better shot than the crappy Stormtroopers or his son, Boba. No marksman by any means, just better. That means he can actually hit the broad side of a barn door, unlike the Stormtroopers. The interesting thing will be to see if the Clonetroopers can shoot.

    Anyway, everyone knows Boba's a good shot, except when it comes to Rebels. I mean, what kind of movie would it have been if he managed to mow down all the Rebels in ESB & ROTJ? Wait, that might've been cool........

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    Jango can't even survive one film (allegedly)..... not the highest recommendation really.

    What hope do his clones have?

    Hang on though..... Maul only survived one film and he was kinda cool.
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    Exclamation Theory:

    Well my theory has always been this:
    Good guys are either too stupid to be hit, extremely lucky, or have an invisible force field. Because none of them are ever hit! Leia got hit once in ROTJ, but that is because she was stupid and turned around. Artoo got fried a couple of times, but only because he was an idiot and listened to Threepio. Han never got shot, neither did Luke. Luke got his hand cut off because he was stupid and left Yoda on Dagobah. Obi Wan died because he was stupid and gave up. Qui-Gon died because he was an idiot and sped ahead of Obi-Wan. Jar Jar didn't die because he is the definition of stupid and he is REALLY lucky. Leia was stunned in ANH because she was stupid and only shot one of them, she is supposed to have one of the best shots in the Rebellion. Why didn't she fire at the other 3? Stormtroopers are retarded idiots, they wouldn't have had enough time to react and fire at her.
    Now for all the times they SHOULD have been shot.
    When C-3PO and R2-D2 were crossing the path in the beginning of ANH, there was blaster fire all around them, but magically, they weren't hit.
    When Han was cleaning the Falcon and Sandtroopers ran in, he should have been shot, but they missed every time. He was outnumbered like 12 to 1.
    There are 100's of others, but my hands hurt. SO......Jango can fire straight, and so can Stormtroopers and Boba, but not when they are facing good guys, because they are either stupid, lucky or have a force field. WHEW!
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    Yeah I guess the films would have been over real quick if they could have actually hit the good guys.

    But to quote Luke:

    "I can't see a thing in this helmet"

    What hope did they really have?
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    Yeah, and don't get me started on my "Why do Stormtroopers even WEAR that armor, it doesn't help" rant......


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