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    Good Imperial Shuttle news?

    This is from a transcript of the Q&A that Hasbro had at Celebration 2 that is posted at Rebelscum. Sounds like FAO jumped the gun a little announcing the Shuttle. Also sounds like if they get enough orders, they will increase the production numbers.

    Q: I heard a rumor about your plans to release the Imperial Shuttle through FAO Schwarz. Do you plan on doing this or is it just a rumor?

    A: Well, FAO went out and announced we were doing it which was a bit premature. We're in conversations with them. We would never produce a product in an amount which we feel is lower then what the demand is for a product. I think that's why FAO is trying to gauge what that demand is. Retailers don't want to be stuck with excess inventory and we don't want to short the market, so it's a balancing act in between to negotiate what the right number is. On something like an exclusive, they have to actually pay us up front and take delivery from us in the Orient. So they're not going to do it until they're convinced that they are going to sell it all through. There's nothing finalized yet with that product. We are in discussions with them and we pretty much told them that we won't sell it to them until they agree to take an appropriate amount.

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    Just as I said when the "news" first came out:

    "...wasn't Rebelscum the site that posted the bogus rumour that there would be only 5,000 Jedi starfighters made? That turned out to be a total misinterpretation.

    I'm gonna wait and see on this one before I get to worked up..."

    I'm glad I did.
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    And then they'll all agree that 5001 shuttles is a proper amount and that last shuttle will go in a Fan Club ebay auction starting at $5001.

    Well that doesn't justify $125 for it, now if they could get it marked down to lower than that, of course since it's FAO price, with bigger inventory maybe they'll lower it.
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    I personally think it's very good news.
    I am one who has a pre order in to FAO.I actually felt bad about being one on the list of 5000. I'm hopeful that every one will get a chance.Now how can we be sure the rumored price of $125 is correct if the retailer isn't even set?
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    This is a ship I have been looking out for, I have wanted one of these for a very long time... I hope they do make the thing, and I'm not really botherd about the price, cheaper is better, but hell I'll buy one anyway becuse it's one of the things I've always wanted... now if someone could send me in the right direction to the FAO site I would be very thankfull
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