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Thread: The Goonies DVD

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    The Goonies DVD

    I bought The Goonies on DVD yesterday and I was watching the commentary at about 1 o'clock last night when I heard Corey Feldman say the word 'Chewbacca'. I forget what/why he said this 'cause I was half asleep at the time. For those who have this DVD do you remember him saying this?

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    I can tell you shortly after October 25, when my girlfriend's birthday rolls around and she opens the one I'm giving her.
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    I dont have that one yet, as a matter of fact i never saw the movie, (it happens hehehe) so whats the movie about??

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    Did I read correctly that only part 2 of Cyndi Lauper's video is included? I read that they were unable to find the master of the first part. That would be a shame because part 1 was better than part 2. I liked the end of part 1 when she was on the log bridge holding on for dear life screaming "Mr. Spielberg!!! How do I get out of this one?!!!" or something to that effect. Spielberg turns around from the editing screen and looks at the camera, shugs and says, "I have no idea..." It was kind of a cute idea for a video- to have it shot on the set of the film.

    Besides... I still love Cyndi!
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