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    How much will it make ?$?

    just read that estimates that spiderman grossed a little over 41 million on opening day, smacking harry potter's 32 mil debut.

    will aotc beat it?

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    Since I don't get any cut of it, I don't really care about the gross.
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    The hype surrounding Ep2 and the apprehension some have because of Ep1 ( ) might put a chink in the opening day/weekend sales. People might be afraid the theaters will be too crowded the first few days and wait. Although I think it will get good word of mouth which will hopefully bring people to see it later on. Overall, I think it will make about as much as ESB did.
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    I don't know how much it will make, but I know it will be ALOT! I don't think it will make more than TPM did, because TPM was the first new Star Wars film in 16 years (not counting the Special Edition). And after it being a big dissapointment many people might not bother to go and see AOTC thinking it will be another dissapointment

    I don't care if it makes alot of money or not, really all I care about is that it is good, has the same feel that the original Star Wars films had, and it makes me happy .

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    AOTC will beat TPM @ the box office!

    I have foreseen it.

    It is unavoidable.

    May the force be with you.

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    I gotta be honest. TPM knocked the wind outta my sails for the prequel trilogy as well. And I'm a big SW fan (I think). The new movie definitely looks better than the 1st, but I'm not so sure its going to have the rabid fan multiple viewings.

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    I don't think Ep 2 is gonna beat Spider-man's $114 mil, but I bet it'll be at least $65 mil.
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    With SpiderMan's outstanding opening weekend of 114 Million dollars, 41.3 Million on it's first day. Attack of the Clones won't beat that opening day or weekend total but I think it will outrun SpiderMan at the Box Office grossing more than $500 Million Dollars, if not more...
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    $114 million, can it be beat?

    Spiderman opened this weekend at a box office shattering $114 million. Does anyone care if our next beloved StarWars movie will break this new record opening weekend film? Personaly I will see the movie at least three times when it opens, not in trying to help the record, but you all know that we miss so much in the first sitting that you have to see it over so many times just to see everything. Spiderman was good, but StarWars will make more of a mark on the fans then on the record books.
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    I think it will beat it.I too am seeing Starwars 3 times.Once on May 16th and twice that weekend.I'm not going 3 times to try to break this record..I just want to see the movie more than once and then bug my family by acting out the scenes
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