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    Droid torture is one thing.Hero torture-that's another.Either way,
    it doesn't bother me.I'm an adult (well,sort of)but as we've been
    reminded so much:these toys are meant for kids.I'm not looking
    for a fight.I just don't think they'll ever produce the torture rack.
    But if they do,I hope it lights up and has sparks fly out of it,with
    a voice chip that has Han screaming his Corellian lungs out.Now
    THAT would be cool!

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks

    Han w/ Torture rack isn't to grim or violent for a toy. We have figures now with removable hands, arms, heads, and figures that cut in half. A little torture is nothing. Besides, we already have 8-D8's Droid Branding Device, and the IT-O torture droid from ANH, and the Assassin Droid from AOTC's, etc. I say bring him on. But as for bespin, we still need a Princess Leia: Bespin Gown figure first.
    Don't forget, Amanaman came with skulls and a skeleton and Boba Fett has Wookie scalps on his shoulder. Is that gruesome enough for ya? How about Vader's little Interrogation droid?

    I'm sure it is just a matter of time before Hasbro makes new Hoth figures. Of couse, it won't be until next year. Let them get the movie year stuff out of the way.
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    Also, Wuher and Takeel came with drink cups. And only one of 'em was a FC exclusive, and still eventually showed up in droves at TRU. I don't think a little torture is too much for Hasbro.
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    O.K.-I give up.TORTURE RACK HAN will make the perfect holiday
    gift for kids of all ages.After all,one of my new favorite toys
    right now is The Simpsons' RAGIN' WILLIE.He comes with a
    shotgun and a flask.Sweet!

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    WOW! All-in-one playsets. Now there's an IDEA! I think that'd be great! I also think it'd be a great way to introduce kids and new collectors to the line also! I can't tell you how many times I've found myself in the action figure aisle of a store where some mother/ father/ auntie/ uncle/ grandparent has, realizing that I'm a collector, has asked me to help them put together a cool gift set of Star Wars merchandise for a kid with a birthday on the way! In fact, every time I see an adult buying Star Wars toys for a kid the purchase almost always includes a vehicle and/ or accessory to beef up the package. Every time I got Star Wars figures as a gift when I was a kid included at least a small vehicle! Take a couple exclusive figures, throw in a few cool accessories, a piece of a playset or diorama, and maybe a small vehicle or creature, and I think they'd sell like hotcakes! Collectors would love 'em, gift hunting parents would love 'em, and kids would find it easier to convince parents to buy a package like that than it would to convince them to buy a big pile of new toys! Plus, it'd be a great way to get some of the more requested items made by including them with more kid/ parent-appealing items! Everyone is happy! I think that it would be within possibilty for Hasbro to produce something (or an entire line!) like this at a reasonable AND attractive pricepoint. Heck, even make them, dare I say, retailer exclusives if it'd help! As long as fans everywhere have access to them that is (shared exclusives would be much more effective in making sure such items are available in any given area; such as sharing between 2 or more retailers, or retailer/ fanclub sharing, etc.)!

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    Han Solo with all kinds of accessories like removable outfits (hoth,bespin,mynock,jackets,vests,guns,lightsaber from hoth,torture rack, also make guns so they fit into holster, not just for Han but all figures that have them.

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    That Han with torturing device thing sounds sweet. I want one!!! Also, i'd love to see some creatures re-released in Sage packaging with some touch-ups. These would be sweeeet:

    - Han w/Tauntaun: same sculpt on Han, added articulation, a useable holster, silver tipped to scale gun, blast effect, scanning device and snow diorama. Tauntaun is the same and has the galopping action.
    - Luke w/Wampa: same sculpt on Luke, added articulation, a useable holster, to scale gun, blast effect, scaniing device, lightsaber with metal hilt and removable blade. Hilt can be stored on belt and Force Attracted into Luke's hand. Comes with display base to hang Luke from. Wampa is the same and has removable arm.
    - Qui-Gon w/Eopie: same sculpt on Qui, added articulation, lightsaber with metal hilt and removable blade. Hilt can be stored on belt and Force Attracted into hand. Also comes with real metal CommLink, Hyperdrive transport cart and a desert display base. Eopie comes with articulated neck, legs and tail.
    - Sandtrooper w/Dewback: new sculpt on trooper. Lots of articulation. Comes with backpack, rifle (can be stored on backpack), electropole, 2 blast effects, imperial issue blaster which can be stored into thigh holster. Desert base w/crashed Escape pod included. Dewback comes with opening jaws and is articulated at the neck, shoulders, thighs knees and ankles.
    - Tuskens(2) w/Bantha: new sculpt on Tuskens. Lots of articulation. Comes with rifles and Gaffi sticks. Bantha comes fully articulated and has electronic growl. With Display base.
    - Gungan w/Fambaa: new sculpt on Gungan, lots of articulation, comes with electropole, shield and pole thingy to poke the Fambaa. Also included are two Gungan "pods". One shield generator and one shield projector pod which light up and make sounds. Fambaa comes fully articulated and makes growling noises when you press his wee wee area. Display base included.

    What do you guys think?

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    that sandtrooper with dewback is a great idea DMSL
    since I only have one POTJ sandtrooper I would love to have another one and this time with great articulation
    I would definelty buy one of those


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