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    Is there a Lego TIE Interceptor?

    I generally don't buy Legos, but seeing as how the TIE Interceptor is the coolest vehicle EVER, I'd definitely have to spring for it. Is there one?

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    Yep, but the price tag is pretty high. Around $70.00 ON SALE.

    I do beilieve.
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    the one Sith Killer is referring to is the Ultimate Collectors Series TIE Interceptor, on sale at TRU for $69.99, originally $99.99. It's a big set, more a model than a "zoom around the room" toy, and it's quite large.

    No "system" (mini-figure scale) versions yet though.
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    Its a great set for TIE lovers!

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    Yeah, but it is more of a colectable than other legos. I've seen them only at Toy "r" us for 74.99$ on sale.
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