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    Cool Interesting News on those line Guys in seattle


    For those of you that know me, you know that I am a syndicated film and software reviewer out of Seattle. Like many of you, I followed the news of the Seattle line, and there claims that it is for fun, but I feel that I need to set the record straight. President John Guth of the Seattle Star wars club claims that he is doing it for fun and is surprised about the response. Fact, John spends many hours a day contacting media outlets asking them to cover his events. Another issue, I set up a charity event for them through my radio show years ago and he took credit for it, saying he thought my station and I were members of the club and as the President he does all speaking. Also, when in talks with an agent for an Episode II cast member, she told me how Guth aimed her constantly and said he would not stop until she recognized his authority and responded. I will not even touch the issues of the Lawsuit they filed against a promoter who would not meet their demands. I am not doing this for sour grapes as they do some good things for charities. My complaint is that Guth is using Star Wars to gain attention for himself and does not properly credit those around him. Surely this is not what the spirit of the series is about. This should be a celebration, not a lets use Star wars to get on TV, radio, and get paid for interviews. My final point is that while I am seeing the show on Tuesday at a press screener, I called the theater late yesterday, (A theater called the best in the NW and one of the top 5 in the nation), and was able to buy opening show tickets as well as Friday afternoon tickets. So, their camp out was not about getting tickets and seeing the show opening day, it was all about the attention.

    Episode II review up Tuesday Night.



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    I always suspected those guys were simply spotlight hogs.

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    Get this, they want everyone to camp out the week prior. My favorite was when he asked for everyone to come to the Toys R Us ona work night in costume at midnight to buy toys. I almost e-mailed them back and said us normal folks with jobs and lives prefer to stay home with out ladies but I figured he would not know about that.

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    Sounds like he is trying to take control of all fan activities so he can brag about how without him none of it would have happened. People like that kill the enjoyment of being a Star Wars fan.

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    Very true, and the thing is, he has a hard time coming up with any ideas that arent being in line in costume.

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    Re: Interesting News on those line Guys in seattle

    Originally posted by garethvk
    So, their camp out was not about getting tickets and seeing the show opening day, it was all about the attention.
    I am not trying to be sarcastic, but are we supposed to be surprised at that?
    Dude got in line Jan 1, of course it's all about attention. One of those goons accepted free lap dances at the expense of a radio show that did it to make fun of the line guys.
    In 2 weeks those guys will be gone from "the spotlight" (if we can even call it that) and I will care about them as little as I do right now.

    Then in 2 1/2 years they'll be back, and I'll at them just the same.

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    Very true, I am just hate the way the exploit the fime for their own good.

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    What "own good"? Who gives a darn about these guys? I don't know of anyone who does, and if you show me someone who does care about them, I'll tell you he or she is silly.

    BTW, don't think I haven't noted the irony in attaching your own website address to this "News"

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    Fine, call it what you will, I do not need the PR as I have 30 Million readers a month over 60 publications and dont need to camp at a theater to get attention. If you watched the news, every major paper, TV, and radio show in the world has done stories and updates on them and I thought it was time someone knew the truth.

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    I've known "the truth" since they got in line Jan 1. Look around these forums, you'll see that some of us have been ridiculing their behavior for quite some time now.


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