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    From the Mouths of Babes

    So, as part of my (now) traditional preparation before seeing a new Star Wars film in the theater, I run a mini-film festival in the comfort of my own home. Starting at Episode IV, we watch them in order of production.

    Happily this is the first year that my son is really able to sit and watch them all with me. Well, we've really just started and are actually in the middle of ANH as I type this.

    Him being just 7 years old, his best memories are of TPM, as he was old enough to see that in the theater, but he did see the OT previous to that (when he was around 4 or so).

    Anyway, all of that is important, because in the middle of the scene where Old Ben is explaining Luke's father, my son turns to me and says, "Why doesn't he mention Qui Gon?" For those of you that pay attention to my frequent rants on these boards, you'll know that that is one of my biggest problems with TPM. I've never mentioned that to him ever, so it made a dad proud that jr. figured it out for himself. If a 7 year old can see the obvious problem, why is it so difficult for all of the 30-somethings out there?

    In a strange coincidence of fate, last evening, my wife and I caught one of the new commercials for AOTC on tv. It was the Obi Wan theme I think. Anyway, after it ends, she turns to me and says something to the effect of "what happened to Yoda being the one to train Obi Wan?" I swear I've never mentioned this stuff out loud here. Nobody would have paid attention to me anyway. But there you have it.

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    From what I know about Yoda and Episode 2 Yoda helps in training the younger kids that aren't quite old enough to become a Padawan to a Jedi Knight/Master. But this is just one thing I've heard.

    OB1 probably didn't mention Gui-Qon to Luke because there probably no importance(sp?).

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    Originally posted by master jedi

    OB1 probably didn't mention Gui-Qon to Luke because there probably no importance(sp?).
    He didn't mention Qui Gon in Ep IV, V, or VI because the character wasn't invented out of thin air until the late 1990's. I've previously laid out all of the evidence that convicts George of not doing his homework and writing a bad script. I just wanted to post what my son said because it seemed so poignant.

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    While it is understandable why Qui is in E1, I just wish everything wasn't gonna be left to E3 to connect the rest of the dots.

    By understandable I mean: Obi-Wan and Anakin were supposed to be young, and it appears George wanted to save Yoda for E2 so he created Qui-Gon so that he would've been the one to find Anakin instead of padawan Obi-Wan who would've been alone with Yoda staying on Coruscant due to him being saved for E2. I'm guessing due to Obi-Wan's needing to be younger and a padawan was so he wouldn't have to be near Obi-Wan's age in ANH therefore not having to look nearly as much like Alec Guiness.

    I guess though.
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    being the fan of midichlorians that you are, I think you'll appreciate this. I was reading a report from Hayden Christensen's appearance at Celebration 2 and when a young child asked him what he had to do to become a Jedi like Anakin, Hayden asked the kid if he knew what his midichlorian count is.

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    Personally, it's not that I don't see what you are talking about, I just don't agree that it's a problem, stillakid. Maybe the redone versions of the OT will fix any seeming continuity errors; which if you really think about can be easily explained.

    It's not that GL didn't do his homework, he just decided to rewrite portions of the story. No big deal.
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    yes, that's basicly what he's doing. things don't line up now, but they will. this is going to be it, so he wants to make these movies as good as possible, and then he will go back and tweak the rest of them.

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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    Maybe the redone versions of the OT will fix any seeming continuity errors

    That's what I'm afraid of. But then again, I plan to do some significant re-editing on the OT Special Editions and TPM (EP II and III TBD) to make them into what I want them to be. You know, stuff like, take out screaming baby Luke, reinstate Vader's "Bring my Shuttle" line, reinstate "It's lucky you don't taste very good," Greedo doesn't fire first...etc. etc. All the stuff that makes no sense or wasn't as good. This is the digital revolution coming round to bite Lucas in the patooty!

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    And something that bugs me, Ben asks like he dont know R2-D2 at all in ANH, when they ride around in the royal starship AND R2-D2 saves them all.

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    Hey guys.Here's one that just happened.
    My neighors 2 year old grandson just walked in and right up to my Bandai super premium Godzilla.He's two feet tall and four feet long.And VERY expensive!!!He says"Is this a giant dinosaur?"
    I reply "sure is".He looks at me just as serious and says"Can I take him outside and play with him?"
    Struck me really funny.of course the answer was no thank you,but it was funny none the less.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.


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