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    Lightbulb Could Count Dooku be like Darth Maul?

    Hi I'm new to SSG's Forum, but not new to using Forums.

    Anyways, I seem to recall that when the Episode I figures first came out, Jedi Duel Darth Maul was pretty hard to find. Then a month or so later, an outpour of who knows how many Jedi Duel Darth Mauls jump into retailers. Too many I might add. You think maybe the Count Dooku figures will have te same overshipment in a few months?

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    You're obviously new, this has been discussed countless times before. But welcome to the board

    It may seem that way, but some wise user said that we're counting on Episode I's outcome too much. Hasbro said they will be cutting down on how many figures they make and how many they distrubute.

    I'm not sure which way it will go, we'll have to see when we get there.

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    If this movie does have the impact that the OT did (and Ep1 lacked), then the demand for toys will skyrocket. My K-Mart is already winding down on their Ep2 merchadise, the've already cut the Ep2 section in half two weeks before the movie release. This means that if demand for toys skyrockets after the movie's premiere then stores will be clamoring to restock shelves with new toys, which will take a few months if no new toys are on order. Although, who really knows what'll happen.

    The only thing I've learned, is that you can't predict how one movie and toy line will do based on previous movies and toy lines. It's a whole new ballgame.
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