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    I'm looking for a certain EXCLUSIVE figure...

    You thought I was gonna ask about Jorg Sacul figure? No, I read somewhere that there's an exclusive Stormtrooper 4 pack. Where can I find this set?

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    It will be available through the fan club. It will be out next summer/fall. Hard to tell, the future. Check out

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    Star Wars Fan Club will start selling the 4-pack next week for 19.99. It's one exclusive I am passing on, since I already have about 8 of the CTC ones. By the way, the 4 stormies are the same as the CTC one, except they don't have the battle damage that appears on the figure's shoulder. 2 come with long rifles, and 2 come with the old POTF2 Imperial Blasters.

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    Is that $19.99 the fan club price or the anyone price?

    I sure hope its the anyone price. I don't want to pay $25 or whatever just to buy a 4-pack stormtroopers for $20. Thats $45 in the end. Ack!

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    They already started shipping to the Fan Club so it's up to them when they want to sell them.
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