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    What can I say? I'm just a reasonable kind of guy.

    Is Dooku going to actually be taller than the other figures? He is 6'5" in real life so he should be about the same height as the Electronic Removable Helmet Vader. Anakin should be a little taller also.

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    I just noticed something. Look at the lightsaber hilt again and you can see a little hook for sticking it on his belt. Kinda hard to do that with a non-removable blade.

    In any case, if the blade isn't removable, Hasbro can remedy the situation by packing in a separate "un-ignited" lightsaber hilt.

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    I'm glad about the change. But Dooku looks to be the only one (shown in pics anyways) with the new gijoe style 12" figure. Yellow and red clones are the current way, same with jango and the others. I hope atleast Zam and Plo Kloon end up with the new style. I really want a Plo Kloon and Zam 12". Those are 2 cool characters.

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    I'm very much interested to know how are Ha$bro gonna make a good Dengar since he's on the buff side. Unless they use the Joe's HOF bodies?? NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!! It'll be interesting to see Dengar (fatty body) and Zuckess (shorter then the rest of the guys).
    Now Ha$bro has put one feet forward, just curious will they be WOWing us and use their SA (Super Articulated) bodies? Am I asking too much?

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    Originally posted by derek ...hopefully they will make the heads a little smaller.
    You know... that's the REAL reason I haven't purchased any of the latest 12" figures... "LOOK AT MY BIG, FAT HEAD!!!!"
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    Originally posted by derek


    dude, have you seen that 12 inch dooku? it looks to be dragon or blue box quality. if hasbro will produce quality stuff like that dooku figure, they will see a big jump in their 12 inch sales.

    the hands are a different color than the body, but this can be easily fixed. i know hasbro has released several "asian" figures in a tone of plastic that would better match dooku's head skin tone.
    You're right that the Dooku figure looks pretty awesome Derek. But since I think the Anakin and ObiWan figures are crap, there's no one for him to fight against!

    on the other hand, I AM planning to pick up the 12' Ki Adi Mundi and Plo Koon (I can't BELIEVE we're getting a 12' version of Plo! My life is complete!) so maybe I'll go ahead and buy Dooku also.
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    The Dooku figure is definitely a step in the right direction, but even if they do go back and rerelease Obi-Wan and Anakin with these bodies their heads are gonna look even bigger! They're HUGE already! I might actually pick up Dooku, and I HATE the 12" figures! He looks Sideshow Toys quality to me.

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    hey guys,

    don't be suprised if new head sculpts of anakin and obi wan come out later this year. i'm just speculating, but i would bet we see an anakin in the "outland peasant" outfit later on, along with a removable arm jedi outfit, like the ponda baba figure has.

    and a battle damaged or rain soaked obi-wan sounds like something hasbro would release. if so, i bet they would have new headsculpts.

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    IF it happens, and IF they turn out as cool as Dooku, then I am there!

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    If they just release Obi and Anakin with their Jedi Cloaks, the new bodies and smaller heads that would be great.


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