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    Going through my stuff, I found a 12" scale R2... but it's green... what is it?

    I collected a lot of POTF2 stuff in the mid-90s, but got bored around the time of Episode I. AOTC rekindled my interest, so I've been going through my stuff... I found a 12" scale R2... but it's green... it's out of the package so it doesn't have a label... I can't find it in Sir Steve's Picture Guide, either... what is it?

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    I believe that's an Ep. I figure...R2-A6 is the name...I think.
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    As far as I'm aware there was no POTF2 green R2 droid produced.

    You must definately have the Episode I R2-A6 droid.

    It should have the date 1997 on the inside of the left leg. (mine has anyway)

    Although Episode I wasn't out untill 1999, Hasbro used the same mould as the R2-D2 unit, only repainted.
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    You are correct and I wish they would have made him as a basic 3.75"
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