Remember all those crappy-assed Batman figures like Firefighter Batman and ice-camo Batman--figures that were so gay that they warmed pegs for years; so gay they came from some idiot's mind and made no sense. HASBRO is now doing this with our Star Wars collection. FACT: what in the hell is Hoth Obi-Wan??? Where in Episode I did Qui-Gon have that crappy force armor??? And this new Maul is pathetic--they can't make any new ones so they're gonna make Firefighter Maul next or Ice-camo Maul. Figures like these SUCK HARD and cheapen the whole collection. I'd like to collect them all but I refuse to buy those !#*&%$ figures made just to make another buck!!! I call them 4LOM jr's--they're only made FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY!!!