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    Angry Hasbro Stop Making Bat Wars Figures!!!

    Remember all those crappy-assed Batman figures like Firefighter Batman and ice-camo Batman--figures that were so gay that they warmed pegs for years; so gay they came from some idiot's mind and made no sense. HASBRO is now doing this with our Star Wars collection. FACT: what in the hell is Hoth Obi-Wan??? Where in Episode I did Qui-Gon have that crappy force armor??? And this new Maul is pathetic--they can't make any new ones so they're gonna make Firefighter Maul next or Ice-camo Maul. Figures like these SUCK HARD and cheapen the whole collection. I'd like to collect them all but I refuse to buy those !#*&%$ figures made just to make another buck!!! I call them 4LOM jr's--they're only made FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY!!!

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    first of all I don't know why you call the figs "gay" and all
    actually I like the Expanded Universe SW figs cause they are something else like the movie and look pretty cool

    with the batman line they got a little wild because he only wears ONE outfit all the time so they had to do something diferent, and when I was a kid I loved all the different versions to play with cause you could play different scenes with them

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    Allow me to translate the newest definition of "gay" in American slang (at least the California version):

    Gay now means stupid, bad, useless, dumb, etc,

    It has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Heck, I remember when "gay" meant light-hearted or giddy! No longer!
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    Re: Hasbro Stop Making Bat Wars Figures!!!

    I LOVE the Expanded Universe figures.Hoth Obi-Wan,Jedi Armor,etc I have them all!Why?Because Hasbro wont make
    any "real" EU figures like A Mara Jade(This time dont make a man out of the character!! ),Vong,Sunrider Clan,Kyat Dragon,etc..

    I say keep the Hoth Obis and Jedi Armor figures coming
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    Slang or not, "gay" does still refer to sexual orientation, there are other threads in these forums where some of our peers confirm that they themselves are gay.
    I know I look like I am being "too PC", but I am not because if there are so many other words available to use, would it be so inconvenient to be a bit more considerate?

    That being said, I also do not care for EU figures, be they comic characters, concept figures, or Jorg Sacul.

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    LOL, Jorg Sacul.
    May the force be with you.

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    Not to be whiny here, but Yeah. I really get ****ed off when Gay is used that way. Sorry, but to use the word to mean "stupid, bad, useless dumb , ect...' and when you know it's more commenly used it to mean homosexual has some decidely very negative overtones.

    Imagine for example if the word Jewish suddenly because all the rage to mean "something you wish to destroy and obliterate from the face of the earth." Such as "Ugh! That new Padme figure is such an abomination it's totally Jewish." Sorry, it simply wouldn't --- and shouldn't fly. It's convert biggotry. Really, it is. Jewish people and frankly anybody with a brain would be offended. It just wouldn't be cool. Nevermind PC.

    And as far as that use of the word Gay being new --- uh, no. It was around way back in the early 80s. (Even in North Dakota!) I hated it then, and I hate it now. And it's certainly no coincidence that this so called alternative slang use for gay first came into Vogue as AIDS emerged and for the first time Gays were a constant presence in the news as more and more people came out of the closet and called themselves gay.

    Let's just move on and find better vocabularys.
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    I LOVE EU figures. MORE MORE MORE! I would be happy if they did a seperate line. There are soooooo many EU figures I want that it hurts!
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