I think its time for the ultimate chewie. Hasbo has gotten closer and closer to the mark each time, but have fallen consistantly.

Chewie-mechanic had the legs and torso down pat; exellent height but the face sculpt was bad and the arms were terrible

The 25th anniversary had the perfect sculpt and accessories, but no articulation.

The upcomming bespin chewie looks good. good height, good face sculpt, but the arms and accessory are screwed up once more. The arms only move at shoulder, forarms are at permanant right angles and he come with a imperial blaster.

The ultimate chewie would be the 25th anniversary sculpt with better articulation; enough to stand up and sit down, hold his bowcaster correctly and keep him at his sides. While that articulation would be perfect and great, it would be tottally kicken if there were extra articulation in the hand for a figure to be held in a lifting chokehold throttle.