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    Jorg Sacul or whatver it is? what is it?!

    Who is this jorg sacul? is this an EU character or is he in a movie? I'm sorry if im a ******* for not knowing this, but im totally lost as to why he's so cool...

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    As a character --- no one has ever heard of him. He's pretty much totally made up. The reason he's so cool is that he's an actual action figure of good ole George Lucas --- Sacul bacwards is Lucas -- get it?

    That and the fact that it's totally limited has everybody in a panic.

    I'm getting one purely through dumb luck and good fortune. See my thread that starts out with Don't Hate Me for more details.

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    This is another George Lucas action figure, similar in concept to the Action Fleet TIE Interceptor's pilot fig (pull the teeny tiny helmet off and it's a teeny tiny George Lucas). The Sacul character is not from any EU or anything like that, though the name "Egroeg Sacul" is mentioned in the line for the Star Tours attraction.

    See this thread for more about this Sacul fig:
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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