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    Exclusives arent good for our hobby, period.

    The few the proud, the lucky ,the pennyless can get these figures or ships or whatever.

    But its a sad state when people that would love to get an item are shut out because they arent near a particular store, cant make a particular event , or dont have the time to scour the state for certain items.

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    I think the whole Sacul thing made only available at C2 is a bunch of bull****. This is a figure that I think EVERY SW fan would want to have. If they didn't want to release this one thru regular retail, than it should have been offered thru the FC or another direct-order source (i.e. Muftak & Kabe, B'Omarr Monk).

    If they wanted to make an 'exclusive' for the show, it should have been something like a previous fig in special packaging (i.e. TF Vader, SE Luke Jedi). I think most collectors who couldn't make it to C2 wouldn't be as offended as they are over a figure they could otherwise have, just in a different package.

    I have always thought that Hasbro's SW exclusives are a rotten thing to do to the collectors. No matter what it is, there will always be a group *****ing about not being able to get/find this or that. I have recently been one of these because I had to resort to eBay to get a TIE Bomber; and I just may go back for the Sacul and be happy that it only cost me $60-70 instead of a $1000 trip.

    I understand that Hasbro is just looking to cover their own *** by not losing $$ on any product, but I think there are much better ways of offering 'exclusives' that could satiate the majority of fans and collectors, while at the same time discouraging scalping of their product.
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    So, how do you really feel about this...

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    In response to comparasions made about other items, this sort of thing happens all the time. Movies are released in about 10-15 theatres at the end of each year so they are considered for oscar nods. I sort of feel that Sacul was something memorable and special people got for going to C2. I didnt go, so i dont want one. He was never in a movie so, i dont really consider him a character or a star wars figure

    I think that Hasbro should do exclusives directly through their website. Collectors would pre order an item and then Hasbro would make only enough for those orders, thus eliminating over shipping or low demand for an item.
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    I agree with you mnkyskater, since I couldn't go to C2 I don't want a Jorg Sacul. If I did buy one off ebay( which I wouldn't) instead of thinking about C2 everytime I look at the figure or show it off to someone, I would be thinking of how much I had to pay for this stinkin figure and how I couldn't go to C2! No offense to any one that bought or wants to buy one of ebay or somewhere. This is just my opinion.
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    You know...I don't like the idea of this exclusive figure buisness and I also dont like the high prices on the ships and large items Hasbro puts out. If they only knew the true power of pricing lower than higher, the items would sell.

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    Well, I'd say get your money together and go to Celebration III for the next exclusive figure.

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    I went to the convention all 3 days and ya know what? Jorg Sacul wasn't even my biggest score. Some hapless vendor sold me a Darth Vader (Retooled Shadows Version) for 5 bucks! I about lost it. That was the highlight buy of the entire trip.


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