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    Star Wars: Your top three (unproduced) must haves from all 4 films?

    This is kind of a variation on another thread I saw that asked which characters would you want to see within certain types if you could choose the last figures ever.
    I thought it would be fun to approach this from the standpoint of each of the movies. Pick your top five from each of the four films to date that have not been previously produced (or need a resculpt in the worst way). Just for the heck of it put anything you want, 3.75", Deluxe, 12", beasts, vehicles, but only five from each movie (ANH,TESB,ROTJ,E1TPM).
    Here are mine, please feel free to post yours. Remember, Hasbro is watching!

    A New Hope
    1. Hem Dazon (Arcona) - My number one, must-have, unproduced cantina creature. Sure there are at least a dozen others I want, but Hem tops the list and is still a part of my "Twenty Year Club", those characters that I've waited at least 20 years to see as figures. I've wanted Hem Dazon since the Sears Cantina Playset was placed in my hands and none of the Cantina creatures apart from Greedo had a proper name. I was going to recommend "Anvil Head" to Kenner back then.
    2. Dr. Evezan - I've said it before, he needs a resculpt in the worst way. Hasbro has shown us what they can do with accurate sculpts, lets give the good doctor the treatment he deserves. He does have the death sentance on twelve systems after all.
    3. CZ-3 - This seemingly cross-eyed droid is one of the more unique bipedal droids of the entire series. Visible on the streets of Mos Eisley and connected to Jabba in the back story (for those who need that kind of thing), there is even another of its ilk on the Sandcrawler.
    4. Wioslea - The landspeeder dealer of Mos Eisley is one of the more unique characters ever. A figure should feature a cloth hood so as not to give the "Choco-Wan Kenobi" effect and ruin that great head full of eyes.
    5. R1-G4 - This great big droid made the last Fan's Choice poll and got my vote, so it only stands to reason that it would wind up here. It should be accompained by the smaller droid unit that was also in the line up, with a little bulbous green top if I recall.

    The Empire Strikes Back
    1. General Reikeen (spelling?) - Again, from the Fan's Choice Polls. Long overdue.
    2. Wampa - A Deluxe figure with a snowbound Taun Taun skeleton, a section of cave (from which to hang Luke) and a meaty bone. The POTF2 version is good, but not great. More developed for spring loaded gimics than accuracy or playability.
    3. Hare Mouse of Bespin (I don't recall the name) - Seen in a split second, this character will add to any grouping of Bespin based figures and provide an additional alien.
    4. Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot - Not everyone wants to rebuy their vintage vehicles just to get a new figure.
    5. Han Solo (Hoth) - We all want this one I'm sure. Hood up, new, holsterable pistol, accurate sculpt, tracker unit from K-3PO.

    Return of the Jedi
    1. Ewoks (any pair) - More Ewoks are a must. I will not go into detail here as I don't recall who's who, but we need more. I never thought I'd hear myself say that. I would love the old guy with the pipe!
    2. Jabba the Hutt - See any number of threads old and new to see the full thoughts on a super deluxe set with throne, arch, Wol Caba****e, skins, pillows, Salacious Crumb, brazier with spitted roast, Princess Leia (seated version), C-3PO (slimed), pipe, bowl, froggies, and no end of accurate accessories.
    3. Yarna - The "fat dancer" deserves to be a stand alone figure. Many have put her on deluxe wish lists, but I don't see the point. She is no bigger than Porkins or at worst a Gamorrean Guard. Hopefully Hasbro will reserve the Deluxe line for HUGE characters or small characers with HUGE accessories. Not just put a figure in the deluxe line because she isn't the same proportions as Jabba's Prisoner Leia.
    4. Jawa/Bubo two pack - I LOVE Bubo and have wanted a figure of him for ages. I think Bubo deserves to be on a blister card but not alone. Pack him with "Jabba's Jawa", the one who fans him, complte with a palm frond.
    5. Imperial Dignitaries - Either one, or preferably both, but for the purpose of five choices, I would pick the one that was never made in the vintage line. You've got to love that hat!

    Episode I: The Phantom Menace
    1. Queen Amidala (Celebration) - I and many others have recommened this incarnation. Naturally if she does not come with the great "Ball o' Peace" I will have a fit. It is an ideal choice as the Sacred Place Boss Nass has articulation suited to holding the thing.
    2. PK Droids (2-pack) - As seen in another post, make them chromed or don't make them at all. And be sure to have a pile o' Battle Droid parts and a few odd loose pieces as the accessories.
    3. Naboo Pilot - Don't make another Ric Olie, but instead provide the full orange long coat. And don't forget, there were women and guys that were not white in the mix of pilots seen.
    4. Nemodian Pilot - Probably a deluxe, complete with control chair and that funky eye/mouth thing. Be sure to make that a separate piece attached to the pilot's face and not just part of the mold, even if it is permanantly attached.
    5. Rep Teers - We need something other than Gungan soldiery and the Reps fit the bill (no pun intended). Since they appear both in Nass' chambers and the Sacred Place, I would prefer a standing (Sacred Place) version to a seated one. This would allow a great pack-in accessory, one of those weird bird-things that flys by in the swamps of Naboo.

    Ok folks, I turn it over to you for comments and your own lists.

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    Okay, I messed up on the title. I kept going back and forth between three and five choices. When I settled on five (because I found three too limiting), I forgot to fix the title.

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    Breaking your own rules? tsk Tsk....


    1. Mawhonic
    2. Yareal Poof
    3. Handmaiden
    4. Scopa Parraco
    5. Naboo Pilot


    1. Capt. Antilles
    2. Hem Dazon
    3. R5-A2
    4. Biggs
    5. Dice Ibegon


    1. Cloud Car Pilot
    2. Smuggler Lando
    3. Torynn Farr
    4. Hoth Trooper Variant
    5. Dagobah Luke/Yoda


    1. Madine
    2. Imperial Dignitary
    3. Jabba
    4. Taym Dren Garen
    5. Sgt. Doallyn


    1. Corran Horn--CorSec
    2. Corran Horn--Rogue Squadron
    3. Corran Horn--Jedi Knight
    4. "Whistler" Green R2 unit
    5. Leebo droid

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    Thumbs up

    Rules are made to be broken

    The Phantom Menace

    1. Yareal Poof
    2. Yarua w/ ET Senator
    3. Amidala w/ Globe of Peace
    4. Oppo Ranscicis
    5. Hand Maiden (orange/yellow)

    A New Hope

    1. Wioslea
    2. Hem Dazon
    3. Capt. Antilles
    4. CZ-3
    5. R1-G4

    Empire Strikes Back

    1. Cloud Car Pilot
    2. Gen. Reikken
    3. Royal Guard (resculpt)
    4. Leia Bespin
    5. Gen. Veers w/ Holographic Vader

    Return of the Jedi

    1. Jabba the Hutt w/ Bubo
    2. Yarna D'al Gargan w/ Hoover
    3. Imperial Dignitary
    4. Hermie Odle
    5. Gen. Madine

    Expanded Universe

    1. Kir Kanos
    2. Carnor Jax
    3. Leebo
    4. Guri
    5. Spero
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    I'll add a couple of extra categories for good measure, if you don't mind.

    Jan Dodonna
    Dannik Jerriko
    Chief (?) Bast

    Admiral Ozzel
    Princess Leia in Red Bespin Gown
    Major Bren Derlin
    (I'd also like to throw in Bespin Han w/ Torture Rack and Darth Vader: Bespin Revelation, though they don't quite make the top three)

    ROTJ (and, ooh, there are too many from this one!):
    Chief Chirpa/Paploo 2-pack
    Sate Pestage (or other Imperial Dignitary)
    General Crix Madine

    Daultay Dofine
    transforming Droideka resculpt

    Ewoks (both movies and cartoons):
    Princess Kneesa/Teek 2-pack
    King Terak

    Other EU:
    Corran Horn
    Talon Karrde
    A'Sharad Hett
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    OK here goes:


    1. Yarael poof
    2. Yaddle
    3. The alien merchant that says to Jar Jar.."u gonna wanga?"
    4. The Twilek girl that is with Sebulba
    5. Gardulla the Hutt


    1. General Dodona
    2. CZ-1
    3. Tonnika sisters (at least one of them)
    4. Dannik Jeriko
    5. Ceremonial Han


    1. Luke in white outfit at the end of the movie (with his opened arm revealing the tecnology used in his hand/arm).
    2. Bespin Security guard (black)
    3. Admiral Ozzel
    4. General Riekan
    5. General Veers (in imperial officer uniform)


    1. Klatu
    2. Warok
    3. Romba
    4. Chief Chirpa
    5. Lumat

    As always...........L

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    If you all only knew Cole, 3, 5, just be glad it wasn't top 100 from each movie! Believe me he could have done it. J/J Trochie!My choices on the other hand...

    1.Any of the five council members not made

    2.Cpt. Antilles
    3.The rest of the purchase of the droids, uh, droids.
    5.Tonika sisters

    3.Cloud car pilot
    4.R2 unit with the see-trough dome on Hoth

    2.Hermie Odle
    4.two more Ewoks
    5.Some may not like them, but we need them!

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    Sith Worm has an incredible amount of leverage to poke fun at me. If you get a chance to come to Texas for the Sci-Fi Expo and Toy Show September 8-9 (especially the 9th) you might be lucky enough to see Sith Worms incredible Star Wars art. And maybe meet JediCole (I'll be there all day, every day), Sith Worm and even Bubba Fatt!
    I will point out to Sith Worm that it was difficult to limit myself to just five choices, but then with Empire (the least character rich portion of the series) one is limited by necessity.
    Finally, Frog (a.k.a. Sith Worm), there are ONLY five Jedi Council currently (as far as we know) unproduced anyway! Oppo Rancisis, Evan Peil, Depa Bilaba, Yaddle, and my personal favorite, the Jurassic Giraffe Jedi himself, Yareel Poof! Though I must wonder how this Jedi Master's last name plays in England...
    Well, that's it for now,
    I am A. Troche,

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    Look! El Chuxter asked for Paploo, but other than that: BOBKES!Does Hasbro take our lists and use that to decide what NOT to make?


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