you people may think its dumb, but i think it would be funny, not necessarily something id buy, but let me run with the imagination for a moment.
wouldnt it be whacked if there were playsets like the sarlacc pit that would fit over youre toilet bowl??? you can watch your men fall to their death and be totured for a 1000 yrs in "the belly" of the sarlacc for a million yrs or your money back????ha ha haaaaaaaooooooooooh well, maybe not

or like having a naboo burial chamber where you can take the firgures you dont like nd send them to jedi heaven or sith hell????? thats right, get the matches and burn send them on their way.... funny??? cool?? ha ha haaaaohhhhh dad gum it,....what will it take to please you people??!??!?!??!?!???? none of this is funny??? what?? stupid???? ill show you all stupid!!!!

wait, there's one bout a "hasbro beat the crap outta the people who complain like me" playset..........???????

ohhhhhh i give up