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    Hasbro disin' my Micros again !

    YO,hasbro give up the rights to MM & AF and sell it to Bandai since you guys don't care about them and only care about your overhyped and overproduced 3 3/4 inch line,hasbro wouldn't know a good thing even if hit them in the cojones !
    nuff said
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    I'm sure they wouldn't sell the license. It's probably better for Hasblow to own the license and not use it than have another company produce them. It would also make lots of people happy to see MMs produced by them or another company and I don't think hasbroken wants to see happy collectors. They probably figure those who want MMs will buy the 3 3/4" stuff instead if MMs aren't available. That doesn't work for me, but I don't know about everyone else.


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    I think it was due to the prices being upped during Episode 1 which led to most people ignoring the other lines and just concentrating on the basic figures, I know that's the reason why I couldn't get Episode 1 micros....
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    The entire reason we are on this forum is because we want to see the return of the AF and MM lines. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm not intrested in the 3 3/4 line. I never liked that line. And now? After the way Hasbro treated us loyal Galoob costumers. First buying the rights for both AF and the MM, then doing a crappy job on them. Overproducing them, and saying we're cancaling the lines because there not selling. I wish hasbro would put as much into the new Af as it does with its 3 3/4 inch line. Then we would have something I think that would rival what Galoob did.
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    Hello S43,

    I respect what you saying brother,but far as I'm concern I will not give hasbro a red cent for any of their 3 3/4 inch line,I never have and I never will.

    I will remain loyal to the MM & AF product and not to a company who in their greed buried a very fine collectible toyline which has great potential with other licenced properties and not just Star Wars.

    But don't get me wrong I love Star Wars but I also enjoy other science fiction properties as well.

    I hope with the advent of the ATOC, hasbro will deliver the goods for us mortals!
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    SID: I wouldn't buy the 3 3/4" figures either. I'd like to see more MMs and AFs and don't care who makes them. We seem to have the same views on that I think you just misunderstood my post.


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    Hey S43,

    It's 3:30 AM in your neck of the woods, whats happenin DAWG?

    Burnin the oil are ya?
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    Someboady's gatta play Medal oh Honor: Allied Assault and it might as well be me. There' nothing better than killing as many people as you can and then doing it all over again. I try to stick with deathmatches of 24 people max, above that is pure chaos (which is fun too). Under that it's a surprise if I don't finish in at least the top 3. Well, it's now 7:00 AM and I just decided to stop playing for the night and I guess I should go home and get some sleep.


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    While I have been into the 4" figures since before Action Fleet existed and still am, I don't give Hasbro any slack on the MM/AF issue - and they have returned with giving little interest in the issue. Phooey on this line of thinking by Hasbro!!!
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    In my perfect World....

    In my Perfect World, some multi-billionaire businessman/sci-fi enthusiast would do to Hasblo what they did to Galoob & us! That is, buy out Hasblo (in a hostile takeover, if necessary). But then, I'd like him to fire EVERYONE except those who came over from Galoob, sell off all the non-MM/AF parts to Mattel, then sell the MM/AF business back to the ex-Galoob employees for $1, and let them run it as an employee-owned company, while still providing the deep pocket financial backing for them to develop the business and compete in the industry.

    but, then I woke up....
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