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    My custom case for SW- AF figures

    The picture is not of great quality, but I thought you guys would like to check it out anyway.

    The case is made out of acrylic,the back plate slides out for easy access and it has 2 grooves in the back of plate so you can hang it on a wall with 2 nails.

    To secure the figures I used a non acidic temporary glue called Aleenes Tack-It,which drys nice and clear.

    I have not put every classic SW-AF figure in the case yet,but I plan to have another case made for the prequel figures.

    Hopefully hasbro will crank out some new figures.
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    Smile sid, that's excellent work

    most action fleet collections center themselves on the ships, and the characters are usually just enhancements. I must say this is the 1st time i've seen the figures displayed seperately from vehicles, and pushed to the front spotlight. They look fabulous on their own!:happy:

    thanx for posting that photo, it's put the figures in a whole new light. it gives them the attention that they deserve apart from being considered accesssories to the ships!
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    Thumbs up Thanks GSJ for your comments

    Although many AF collectors minimize the importance of AF figures and they may not be in scale with many of the AF ships and vehicles,but remember one thing neither are the 3 3/4 inch figure toyline.

    The SW- AF battle packs with the little beasties are cool, and I also enjoy the ALIENS and PREDATOR AF figures for their detail,besides the ALIENS MM blister pack has the queen mum thats in scale with the ALIENS AF figures and as a bonus the ALIENS MM armored personnel carrier fits perfectly the cargo hold of the AF dropship.

    Its all good DAWG,it's all good!
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    Hey SID, great job. The one I tried to do didn't turn out as well. Oh well. Anyway have you thought about adding a picture to the back of the display? Doesn't have to be a movie shot. I think a shot of a starfeild would look fantastic on that.
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    Hey JF, thank's I'm glad you like it,you were mentioning that you tried to get a display case made,what happened?
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    Nothing really, it just didn't turn out right. It was wood, and I was going to use a dark finish on it. But the wood somehow ended up rotten out. I just haven't tried again. Yet.
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    JF, I would love to use something like a star field for the back ground on the case,but I experimented with dark colors but it didn't work due to the colors and size of the figures.

    Hey whats your favorite MM & AF, DAWG?
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    Nice Work SID! It's great to see Action fleet/micromachine fans at work in enhancing their collections! I would like to post my work , but it keeps on telling the files to big tobe attched. Let me know if your interested and I'll email you some pictures!

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    My favorite MM are the Mon Cal Ships, especially the Mon Remonda. My favorite AF ship, thats a tough one. I think it would be the TIE Defender. What about yours?
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    Hey JF, the AF TIE Defender is high on my list and also AF Xizors ship "Virago".

    At the top of my long AF list is the "Aliens" stuff because of the playabilty and little gadgets the AF & MM design team added on for humor.
    If you look inside the AF escape shuttle "Narcissus" you will see that damn cat named "Jonesy" that almost got Ripley killed locked up in a tiny pet carrier where he belonged!

    The MM "Aliens" transforming head playset gets my freinds really laughing with that poor astronaut "Kane" on a tiny table with a tiny chest burster spinning around, and those tiny alien egg's opening up at the push of a small air pump button.

    Its all funny DAWG!
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