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    Talking Is the new Saga R5-D4 figure going to have Rocket-Firing action?

    Just curious. I got a lot of play-value out of the original R5-D4... heh.

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    No, please...dear gods. Dexter, you are gonna have the R5-D4 fans coming after you with pitchforks for even suggesting that. If they give R5-D4 any action play features at all, it better be an exploding motivator.

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    He should just have a pop up motivator.

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    Originally posted by Battle Droid
    He should just have a pop up motivator.

    Or maybe an angry Uncle Owen...
    Wha'choo talkin 'bout Hasselhoff?

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    I'd like him to be part of a multi-droid set, something like:

    A New Hope

    Tatooine Droids


    R5-D4 (astromech droid)
    LIN-V8K (mining droid)
    2X-7KPR (diagnostic droid)

    Then add little features, like removeable motivator and articulated parts.
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    Well since they didn't give the E2 R2 anything like that for blasting at those dern centipedes, I guess we're safe from THAT gimmick...for the time being.
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    Strangely enough I gave my nephews a whole bunch of my old POTF2 figures and the only one they fight over is that R5-D4, because of his rocket firing feature.

    I would love to see a simple gimmick-less R5 with maybe an Ep2 "pointing" Jawa as a pack in.
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    Sure, I got a lot of play value out of my old R5-D4 (however, when one half of his body snapped off, I painted it and put it on my Milly Falcon, a "modification" of sorts (Han would be proud (whoa, parentheses within parentheses (and again!))))... But I never actually understood why they put that on there in the first place. Maybe Hasbro thought the motivator popping out was a dud missile? You never know with Hasbro. That's the #1 lamest gimmick ever, far worse than anything we've seen with Saga.

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    Sadly, I'm still not convinced we will ever even see a Saga R5-D4 . . .

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    I think given the size of 2X-3KPR (diagnostic droid) the little one with the light up dome on top, he is a possibility as a pack-in but I'm definately with the no gimmicks voters. And even if we don't get a proper R5-D4 there's plenty of R5 droids in AOTC they could do that we could then repaint to get an R5-D4. Just as long as Hasbro chuck out at least one decent sculpt of an R5 droid I'll be happy. I personally don't want a pop up motivator but if he comes with one then I hope to Juno it's just a tiny feature that is easily fixed if you don't want it.


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