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    Funeral Pyre Vader!!

    Follow me on this: Take a mold of a Vader figure in repose and then cast him in one solid piece of steel. I'm not a metalurgist (and can't even spell it) but it needs to be black, naturally.

    Anyhow, the rest of the playset is the "wooden" funeral pyre, also cast in non-flammable alloy. Little bunson burner nozzles leading to a propane tank and you're good to go for hours of cremation fun!

    Really, I'm serious! No, really!

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    You'd probably have to show I.D. to buy this one, but I'd definitely buy it. They could even release a Qui-Gon one, lord knows they need another rescuplt of him soon.

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    Oh yeah. I forgot that they burned him up too. Of course the set isn't limited to the figures that come with it. Feel free to toast any one of your Luke's, Qui Gon's, Jar Jar's (a big hit, this one!), or convert it to the Han Weenie Roast scene in Jedi.

    Of course Hasbro will never ever do this, but it may be a worthy art and crafts project for those spare Saturdays.

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    Of course you'd have to do the charred Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen
    scene too. Isn't it cool that there's so many people on fire in the Star Wars Saga?

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    I think parents would complain about this:

    "My son burnt down our house"

    "My son torched the cats tail"

    "My sons hair caught on fire!"

    My sons lighting cigarettes from it"


    Bad idea!
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    They could disguise it as an incense burner and sell it at novelty shop and Spencer Gifts stores!
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    It would be cool to have one ,but without the fire.That way it would sell.I don't think moms and dads would buy a toy that thier kids can set on fire.Lets save the roasting for the back yard when the parents are not around.
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    Thumbs up

    As crazy as it may sound, I would love to have one. I would burn it out though because I would always be setting it on fire.
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    As cool and visually interesting at such a product may be, it is certainly not the pervue of Hasbro to make decidedly adult only (from the standpoint of safety) products. Even in the hands of an adult such an item may prove too hazardous for production and distribution to the general public (like Evenflow's desire to use one as an "eternal flame"). Don't look for this sort of thing to be produced, say, ever. No manufacturer wants that kind of potential liability and LucasFilm does not want the Star Wars brand associated with something that might prove dangerous. Interesting though the idea may be.
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    For a tasty treat you could take some marshmellows and use some food coloring to decorate them as darth vader. Pop 'em on a stick and roast away.


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