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    Does anyone know where I can buy a toy display similar to what is used in toy stores or toy sections? I am looking for one that has a few shelves but mainly for a way to hang my carded figures. I have thought about making one using pegboard but would rather buy a better one if I can.

    Your help is appreciated. Thanks, fletch

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    If you care about your cards and bubbles, it not a good idea to hang them on pegs, unless they are in StarCases or some other case. If you hang them by the hook on the card they will wear and the bubble will get scratched. If you must have the store display, look in the yellow pages/phone book under Display Fixtures and Materials. Here's a toll free # for Victory Display and Store Fixtures Manufacturing INC 800-262-1126 Maybe thaey can help you.
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    If you want to make it into a project, I would suggest looking into closet shelving. You have the shelf space on top, and the bar where you normally hang clothes, most are usually a nice width for hanging the figures like on a peg. Depending on how you set it up, you could have your boxed collection facting one way, and the carded figures hanging another way. Or all the same way.

    I feel that's a safer alternative for home use.
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