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    Anakin Pilot Discovery!

    Ok, maybe I'm just slow or don't play with the stuff often enough, but I just discovered that that little steering wheel thing that comes with the carded Pilot Anakin actually fits in the Naboo fighter! Holy smokes, it was made to go into a ship that didn't come with the figure! Imagine my surprise. I mean, they don't even make figures to fit into the ships they come with but somebody was on the ball and included a cross-toyline accessory that is both useful and works! Holy Sh**!

    Am I the only one that just figured this out or is this a surprise to others as well?

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    After I crammed Tatooine Anakin's head into Ric Olie's helmet and put him in my Naboo Fighter I realized that he was too small to fit in the cockpit. Which is why Hasbro included the "Anakin Adaptor" with the Pilot Anakin figure. You're right, though, it is unusually insightful of Hasbro to do so.
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    When this figure was released, I too was surprised. Actually, I was downright suspicious.

    It was neat, but I still waited to get him for $1.50 at TRU.

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    I always thought that the sterring thing that came with Anakin was pretty lame until after reading these post here found out that it does in deed fit the starfighter , I changed my mind.I believed that it was in a old forum. To whom the person who posted this ,my thanks.
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    Thumbs up

    I thought it was pretty cool, it showed that at least Hasbro was using their head's for something.
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    Wasn't their a picture on the back of the card that showed that you could put it in the Naboo Cruiser? If so you guys missed it!

    Pretty cool thing,IMO. Hasbro should do it more
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    uhhh... Hul-LO! they told you that on the back of the card just like GNT said! (just kidding).

    Yeah... looked at the back of the card, saw the picture of how to install the part and thought it was pretty clever of Hasbro to do that. They usually aren't that quick! Without the rest of the ship... it looks like little Ani's gonna ge running around with that thing out in front of him going, "Vrrrrrrrrrrttttt!!! Rmmmmmmmmmmmmm... frooooooooooshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ptow! Ptow! Ptow! Rmmmmmmmmmm...!"

    silly little boy! (or should I say "worthless (little) creature"?)
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    Thumbs down Tsk Tsk

    If you had read the directions on the back of the card you would have seen that they clearly show that it does indeed fit into the fighter. It is rather clever of them though.......the guy who did it was probably fired for having a brain. I also read somewhere that people didn't know that the battle damaged Destroyer Droid exploded. Hello! It is shown on the back of the card! Gosh!
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    But if these things have never shown up in your neck of the woods how are you supposed to know what's on the back of the gonkin' card!!!!!!?
    I bought two naboo fighters to escort my royal starship across my ceiling and therefore was forced to buy two Anakins for the controls. I love the idea but - shouldn't it have come with the ship in the first place? Gomnna burn the damn Anakins though. Little sacrificial pyres in the yard...... MWAHAHAHAHA!
    The battle damaged destroyer is poo. just got one recently and it's made from even cheaper looking materials than the ordinary version. The exploding feature was well worth the pots of money I paid for it.............................................!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Back O' the Card

    Quite honestly, I haven't paid attention to the back of Star Wars cards since the Eighties. Ever since they stopped listing the full product line back there I figured there wasn't any point. Besides, how was I supposed to anticipate such fore thought from Hasbro? Can you blame me?


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