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Thread: Yoda's Cane

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    Yoda's Cane

    I bought a vintage Yoda off of Ebay a few months back, it was supposed to be complete, but arrived without the cane. It's in great shape. The seller was nice enough to refund my money in full. Does anyone know where I can get just the cane?? I don't care if it's original or not.

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    I always lost my Yoda's cane, and so did most of my friends. I think it's a hard accessory to find, but check the "Classifieds" here at SSG, or eBay, or antique/collectible shops near you.
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    I have the whole figure cane, snake, cape as well as his belt. So fell for you in your lose. By the way how much did you pay for the thing? If you don't mind me asking, because I payed $35.00 for mine and I was just wondering how much some other people might have payed for him. Thanks.
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    I paid $22.00 for him, but like I said, he returned the entire purchase price, so I kinda lucked out.


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