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    A great find, and a nice story

    Long story, but "heartwarming". Aw!

    So I'm out this morning running some errands and making a toy run.

    I almost don't go into Super Target, as they've had a pretty pitiful selection the last few times I've been in there. But I need to go to Office Max anyway, which is right next door. So I figured what the heck, I may as well check real quick. I'm rounding the corner heading for the SW aisle, and I pass the end cap when something catches my eye. What's this? That's Dooku! Yoink! I snatch him off the peg right above some little girl's head. And hello, what's this? ANOTHER Dooku behind that one? Zoink! Off the peg he goes as well, into my grubby mitts. And wait! What's this? YODA on the very next peg to the right? Zing! Off he goes as well. That's 2 more I don't have to look for any longer.

    So then I'm sort of meandering down the actual aisle, seeing what else they have (not a lot, the pegs look pretty ransacked). Then I happen to find two HD Anakins that were sort of stashed behind a bunch of Reeks like someone was trying to hide them. I snatch both of those up when I notice the little girl that was at the end cap before is talking to her mother about which figure she wants.

    The mother of course is just telling her to pick something because she doesn't want to stand there all day. The girl is obviously frustrated because she's only 8 or 9, so she can hardly even see what's at the top of the aisle. I ask, What are you looking for? Both the girl and her mother only tell me, "A girl." I hand her Shaak Ti and Zam off the top row. She doesn't want either of those. Then I see a single Padme left and grab that one for her off the top. She likes that one and puts it in her basket.

    So then the girl is sort of going through all the figures and trying to pronounce all their names outloud (the best was when she called Captain Typho "Captain Zapatos" - zapato means shoe in Spanish if you didn't know). I'm explaining to the mother which figures are hard to find and why (lousy scalpers!) and how much it sucks that kids like her daughter can't find what they want because people come in and buy them all (I have 2 Dookus under my arm but that's beside the point ). The mother explains to me that the girl's brother had all the Episode I figures but then the other day, threw them all in a box and called them "junk". Well, the daughter found them and loved them, so now she has Star Wars figures on the brain. Her main goal is to find some figs from the new line that her brother doesn't have. By now the girl is getting a little bummed because she can't find anything else that looks cool and her brother doesn't have.

    I hand her one of my HD Anakins (I already had another one I found at TRU earlier that morning). "Hey, how about this guy? This is a cool one and he's HARD TO FIND. I bet your brother won't have this one." The girl's eyes light up and she cheerfully stuffs Anakin into her basket with Padme. She also wanted Yoda ("because he's the oldest Jedi and he's a green midget") but I wasn't about to part with the only one I had been able to find since the 23rd. I assured the girl and her mother that in a few weeks after the hype had died down a bit they'd be able to find plenty of everything. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

    So I found two figs I needed, picked up 2 extras of HD Anakin, and 1 extra of Dooku. Über-w00t! And to top it all off I helped make some kid who's really a true SW fan happy. That gave me a warm fuzzy inside.

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    BTW, I'll be trading away the 2 extra HD Anakins and the extra Dooku if anyone wants them, so go check the thread I'm about to make in the Trade forum if you're interested.

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    Great story, would have been even more heartwarming if you would have parted with your Yoda for her. But good job regardless on making a kid collector happy. Remeber, they are the future of the Star Wars line, so if you want Hasbro to keep making new figures you must corrupt all the little kiddies you see away from their pokemon and finger bikes and other craptaculer toys to the wonderful world of Star Wars.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Hehe, yeah I thought about giving her my Yoda, believe me. But this little nagging voice in my head was going "Fool! Hang onto that Yoda! Ignore the puppy dog eyes and whimper in her voice!"

    The best part about it was 10 seconds after we got finished 3 guys who looked like eBay scalpers came storming down the aisle rifling through stuff. I wanted to hold up my 2 Dookus and give them a Nelson-esque "Ha-ha!"

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    Great story. I have one close, but with a different ending.

    Last night my wife and I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart. I pulled down some carded (background inserts)figures I wanted when I noticed this kid about 10 or 11 digging through the figures. Same as your little girl, this poor boy could not reach most of the pegs.

    I asked what he was looking for ( I had just gone through all of them) he said he wanted Jango. I reached back to where I saw it and handed it to him. His face lit up, it was a good feeling, next I handed him a FD Anakin and told him it was hard to find. Again his face lit up and grabbed it as well.

    Funny thing was, as we were checking out I saw him in the line next to us. He had neither of the figures, and instead was carrying a Dooku lightsaber.

    Kids, so fickle these days.. hehe


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