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    Ewwww! What's the point in making a new Qui-Gonn if he's gonna suck this bad?!?

    Found the new Qui-Gonn at Wal-Mart today, the only new figure they had. Lots of Royal Guards, Luminaras, and Taun Wes, though...

    Anyway, he looks BAD. But not good-"BAD"... bad-BAD. The head sculpt isn't right at all. I mean, I can tell who it was and all, but I also *knew* that it was Qui-Gonn Jinn. The body is nothing special.

    Unless the sculpt on this guy magically changes when you take it out of the package and becomes good, I'll be passing on this one and sticking to my old Episode 1 Qui-Gonns...

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    Does the cloak/shoulders aspect look as bad in real life as it does in the Sir Steve's Guide pictures? I hate it when they make the plastic cloak and it doesn't even match up with the figures arms.

    And are we about done with the Qui Gon Jinn figures now? I didn't particularly like him in the movie- and yet there are about 50 figures of him now.

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    This has to be in my opinion -- the DUMBEST BIGGEST WASTE OF PLASTIC. Seriously, did anybody even like Qui Gon?

    I don't get it.

    They can't get off their dang butts to make us a decent R5-D4 --- and yet expect up to buy this?! ARRGHHHH! Don't get me started.

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    I think they just made QGJ so that they could tie in the saga line with TPM. He was a stupif choice though, if they really wanted to tie it in now, they could have picked someone who has been over looked or given a crappy figure. Then again, there are a couple other TPM figures coming out later this year.
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    I wouldn't of minded a resculpt of Ric Olie with soft goods and more accurate so he could git in the Naboo Fighter better and they could've packed-in R2-A6 since it's his droid and all that would be needed to make it would be a repaint of R2.
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    I liked Qui-Gon, and though he was the best thing about TPM. Unfortunately, any sculpt of him has yet to fully impress me.

    They should have inaugurated TPM into the Saga line with a handmaiden. Everybody loves handmaidens.
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    Pilot Battle Droid!

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    You got that right: The figure sucks. I mean, I loved Qui Gon in the Phantom Menace; he was the only reason I liked the Phanton Menace. The only figure that I've seen come close to looking like Qui Gon was the one from the Tatooine showdown. That is among my favorite qui gon figures. He just looks sweet.

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    I had high hopes for this figure because they have yet to make a good Qui-Gon. I think I'll get this one and customize him, maybe give him a Mos Espa Qui-Gon's head.
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    I usually stick up for Hasbro in most things. I think I'm pretty nice about trying to find the "good" aspects of figures instead of the bad. But judging from the pics I've seen, I honestly can't say there is ANYTHING about the new Qui Gon I like. I just think he looks like he was put together very sloppily and his cloak just looks awful.
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