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    Does Luke know about his Grandmother?

    Cause I figure Luke would notice Shmi's grave and would Owen tell him about her? or just tell more lies, like he did about Anakin?

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    That's a really good question, I never thought about that. In the pictures I've seen there looks to be two gravestones that Anakin is kneeling before. Who's the other one for, Cliegg's first wife? I would assume that having the graves of your first two wives in your backyard would be a pretty strong deterrent to ever having a third wife.
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    could be clegg.
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    He probably knows about her, but not all that much. You know how kids are, most of them don't wanna hear the family drone on about dead relatives they have never met. Unless they are morbid goth kids, and Luke was way to whiny for that.

    I remember that picture also, BigB. But I don't have a copy saved, and I can't locate it right now. But yes, the second marker was for Cliegg's first wife, though her name escapes me at the moment.

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    Well I figure Luke would want to know everything he could about his relatives/family, since he didn't have or remember any of them in his life.

    Also I wonder if Owen knows Padme is Luke's mother? Probably not since Luke didn't know anything about his real mother, unless he figured Owen was lieing about her to since he lied about Anakin?

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    i heard that renegade jawas stole those tombstones.

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    "renegade" jawas? As opposed to . . . . "living within the confines of normal society" jawas?

    Battle Droid, that's a good question about Owen and Padme. I'll speculate that we won't learn either way, but we might assume that he knows it's Padme since she and Anakin are already an item when they hit Tatooine.

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    Or Obi-Wan could say something about her when handing over Luke to Owen and Beru.

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    What I want to know is that if Anakin new about the Whitesuns why didn't he look for his son there? And furthermore wouldn't it have been smart to change Lukes last name to Whitesun or something? All Vader needs to do is look up Skywalker in the Yellow Pages. After Shmi is killed don't you think Vader would come back and seek revenge on all of the Tuskens he didn't already kill.

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    At this point we are not even sure if Anakin will know about the twins or even Padme being pregnant. Supposedly there were three years between Ep4 and 5, plenty of time for Vader to do some after-the-fact information digging. I willing to accept that Vader or the Emperor don't even know Luke exists prior to the events of ANH. Of course, they know Leia exists; but aren't aware of her relation to Vader.

    I don't believe that any of this will really be explained in Ep3, that's asking a lot for one movie; but I'm also convinced that Anakin will have no knowledge about Padme's pregnancy.
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